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  1. Hi! Thank you for your suggestions!!! I decided to give up on the ACV for a while. I read up on my face wash and I found out it had....Saponified Organic Coconut Oil. Do you think that might be triggering breakouts?? What does Saponifed mean??? Sounds kind of scary.... I was thinking of keeping the Jojoba oil but just using like 3 drops.. Before I was using like 6.. because I'm super dry... I hope it works..
  2. Hi. I am about 2-3 months into the regimin.. but i am having some problems with eye wrinkles, neck drying, andnew acne. I am not sure how to consider myself.. I am between mild and moderate acne (I get 100`s of tiny skin colored bumps on my cheeks.. and occasionaly I get the typical pink acne that gets white in the middle over time...)with naturaly oily skin. I slowly got into the regimin, and I just began using 2 pumps of BP 1 week ago. Since my skin is super sensitive I am not able to use m
  3. Hello. Here in japan acne fighting medications are different then the onesin america. I posted earlier about my clogged pores/whitehead invasion, and people suggested to use salicic acid. i went to 6 local drug stores and i could only find salicic acid 0.05%, so i decided to go ahead and buy it.. I noticed that the main ingredient in japanese acne medications is ibuprofen. Why?? What is it?? Is it that great?? I have a cream containing 3% Does anyone know about this ingredient?? help please
  4. hello. Thank you for all the replies!! as much as i would love to go back to bc pills.. i just can't. they are not healthy for my body. i experieced a lot of side effects on them (dry skin, bad hormon ups and downs, weight gain, bloating) plus, i want to be natural to my body. id rather take vitamins and supplements opposed to bc. i also cant use bp because i have a very very bad allergic reaction to it. just one drop and my skin with swell and crust. i gave it a try 4 years ago and i got b
  5. hello. i am a little confused about what to do with my face now! i've had "acne" since i was 15 (i'm 24 now) and all the dermatologists did was give me birth conrol pills. so i took those for years and was acne free, then i quit when i was 22, getting a huge acne attack. (and a lost period for 1/2 yr!!) i went on the pills again, the same thing happened, but i am worried that they are not good for my body, so i quit again 1 yr ago. since then, i have been a bummpy monster!! so i realized that
  6. thank you so much for replying!! i guess i am overloading the products aren't i.. www but i can't help but be SUPER paranoid!! well, i can do w/o the neosporin and mederma! i will just spot treat bumps with bp and keep on with the vinegar! i totally love hot the vinegar makes my skin look pinky!! at least i have healthy looking speckled skin!! ww
  7. hi! i have redmark hell.. why why why??? look at my photos.. this is how i look like w/o make!! what would this fall into?? acne?? severe?? mild?? just red marks?? is this scaring?? sooo confused!! ww okay.. so i had acne when i was 17 (now 23) and i got on the PILL and it went away. then, 1 yr ago, i stopped the pill.. and i totally broke out.. and now i look like this.. i have a lot of skin colored bumps.. nothing pus filled.. and a ton of red dots!!! sad! when i was breaking out, i did the