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  1. as long as u know wut yer talkin about and u express yerself in that manner, u'll capture the minds and respect of everyone out there. they dont care wut u look like, they care about wut u know, and wut u have to say. im in the military, and with my job, i have to give breifings in front of many people, on a daily baisis. my job is so intriging, that ive been featured in newspapers, magazines, online, even on live news!!! but each time, i expressed myself in a manner that showed confidence and
  2. he's either telling the truth, or he's too shy. either way, i think u need to step up the game. i mean, u do have an audience giving u tips. he's probably thinkin things over by himself with no motivation from anyone... just ask him. lol
  3. sorry to hear the troubles. i didn't have any hassle wutsoever joining the air force. now i have a respectable job saving people while flying in a helicopter. i dont think its right they hold u back from wanting to help defend and protect the american way of life. im sure things will get cleared up. good luck
  4. i dont think it matter at all. its all about who u are inside. ive made tons of friends while i had acne. and i have made friends who have acne worse than mine, but we are still close friends. iv also noticed that people tend to not care as much about how they dress or look like in college or just post high school in general. ive seen people show up in school in thei PJs with their hair everywhere. and they still got tons of friends. bottom line is that if you're confident enough to go out and t
  5. first of all, i think u should totally get on the reg. its one step closer then if u dont try right? right. and as for camping, trips, etc... wen i go on trips or vacations, i take the travel sized stuff. u can buy small travel containers. camping, i dont take the reg. i just take some baby wipes to clean the dirt and oil off my face before i sleep and wen i wake up. dont be afraid to start, feering u wont be able to keep a perfect record. u ARE goin g to miss steps on some days and u ARE going
  6. ...and what caveman said. My thoughts and experiences exactly. Easier said than done. The bottom line is that looks do matter. You can have the greatest personality in the world but if if sex appeal ain't there, then you're screwed. I know that sounds shallow and negative, but from my personal experiences, good personality will only get you as far as the "just friends" stage. Anything beyond that requires either blind luck or good looks. i dont agree. ive had lots of acne g
  7. i went 6 weeks without masturbation before. an breakouts almost didn't change at all. i dont tink it has anything to o with sex. but it does ave to do with stress. i notice when im really stressed out,i tend to break out more. my ex gf wanted to have sex as many times a day as possible. sometimes it would be 5-6 times a day, everyday. but acne never got worse. it wasn't until she started creating drama that i broke out more than i normally did
  8. yea, come to think about it. my acne was probably the worst wen i was engaged. then the bitch sleapt around and i broke it off. then my skin got better.
  9. using the right topical applications. i use very little topicals. right now im only using bp twice a day and i continue taking the vitamins ive listed. and if u keep a healthy diet, u should be fine. as for cysts and wutnot... not much u can do to prevent those... use salicylic and bp in conjuction to attempt to dry it out before it peaks. and it would definately help to be on tane. as i heard a lot of good stuff about it.
  10. taking the tylenol and using the ice would double the effect. remember, accetomephine is an anti-inflammatory and rubbing ice on it will help reduce the inflamation. good luk
  11. i dont think its possible. u can help keep it down by proper maintenance and eating rite foods and proper vits.
  12. i know how u feel man. its frustrating. hope u can get on the tane
  13. the white stringy stuff is oil and, bacteria and dirt. the seed thing is the same thing... but a dried out version. its safe to gently squeze these out, but be gentle. if it doesn't come out witha gentle squeze, leave it alone. after the "seed" thing comes out, cover the 'cave' with a light layer of bp or salic acid. what u have isn't so bad, its the cysts and nodules that leave nasty lifelong scars.
  14. step 1. stop using moisturizers. step 2, stop using so much cheimcals. and step 3.... uh...just use cetaphil once a day as a gentle cleanser and bp cream to help fight acne. after a week, your oil glands in your face will stop working in overdrive from all those chemicals and start working normally. the dryness will go away, but u will get oily. wash your face throught the day with just water. no chemicals. works for me! good luk