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  1. Where to buy coconut chips? Sorry . i have no common sense at all. Can we buy them in the super market? how much do i need ? Are they like potato chips ? I am afraid i will get acnes from eating chips
  2. I extracted this from another site. What does he mean by touch up ? Touch up exoderm or the pictures are FAKE? exoderm is not worth it...too much down time, too much risk, too costly and not enough objective research has been done to suggest its effectiveness on acne scars....plus most of the before and after pictures you see around of exoderm patients are touched up...including the pictures on dr rullans website...and even he addmitted to this in his post like a year ago...this is my op
  3. should i apply emu oil and CP serum to a fresh wound from needling?
  4. when is the best time to apply CP serum after strong peeling 1/ Straight after TCA complex is applied 2/ After the skin peels off 3/ Apply it on top of the dead skin during the peeling process What supplements do u guys suggest taking ? 1/ Zinc if yes what dose? 2/ Chinese bitters If yes what dose? Where can i get it 3/ Any other suggestion Any new comment on dermabrasion/ exoderm? Thank you
  5. Dim, i think u should consider flying to Dr Rullan to get exoderm done . If u dun have money for that , u can borrow it from a bank at a interest rate as low as 5% a year. For exoderm , it costs 3700 usd. Maya , if u have time , u can fly with her since u guys are best friends . Good luck
  6. No.. i think i will go for exoderm later it seems like it can clear all the brown spots, acnes ..etc
  7. 3000 for roll cit.. you can get 20 needlings done by lilian for that price
  8. Tell you what never PICK the scabs when they are not ready. If u do , u will end up real bad like me . Yes! It works real good on scars , hypigmentation . Maybe not freckles though ! It works good on my redness from accutane , 20% TCA . umm . instead of doubting about its effectiveness, i think it's a better idea to ask for samples . U have never to lose , right? if u find it working on you , then order one . I dun want to sound like i am promoting for her.. but now i am getting real
  9. Right. Thank you . i know i have been asking dumb questions and might have pissed you off already . If that is the case , i am really sorry about that. B/c i am worried about picking the wrong salts and getting into another health issue. I am greatly appreciated about your help. Umm. Another stupid question . What is organic apply juice? Can apply juice be not organic
  10. Well, i just dun know why it shrunks scars better than 20% TCA as well as 100% TCA. Its concentration is way below 10% , but it works more effective than them. YOU WILL GET INSTANT RESULT AS SOON AS YOUR SKIN PEELS OFF ! i am not the only who find it working . READ THROUGH THE FORUM ! I am a post accutane taker , and as a result of that , it should be much more difficult for my scars to heal up in comparison with any non accutane takers. There is no way for me to explain this . I asked Jul
  11. It seems that TCA complex is getting rid of my red marks.
  12. Take 2 cups of 8 oz organic apple juice or apple cider every 2 hours from 8 am to 8 pm. Altogether 14 cups will have been taken during this period. Do not take any other food or drinks except plain water. I thought u were doing this regimen. So you managed not to eat for 2 days from 8 to 8. I am sorry , what do you mean by juice fasting ? Thank you . I tried to search for it on yahoo.. but nth comes out . Does it have to be unidonized?
  13. How do u guys manage not to eat from 8 to 8 for two days? thx