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  1. Check lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, make up, certain greasy foods you may eat, basically anything you put around your mouth. Eliminate each one and see if that's causing the problem. But there is a possibility that you are breaking out in a new area. I have gone through that. Now i get some around my neck, stub and mouth area. Definitely hormonal for me. How that applies to girls? I have no clue,
  2. I am surprised your derm put payout back on antibiotics. As sasch stated already, resistance kicks in, once you are off them, forget it. I predict that they won't be effective. If you want to try retinoids, I recommend differing gel, it is milder than the rest and if you possess PATIENCE, it will clear 75% of your acne. I cannot promise more than that. It cleared up before but that was a long time ago. Warning, the initial breakout will be ridiculous. I have used erythromycin solution and dox
  3. @ms18. My two cents; if bp does not make your face red, then it probably doesn't to your neck and shoulders. Since your face is much more sensitive than either. And unless you've got some kind of new deodorant and hair product, I cannot see how your shirt suddenly starts causing you inflammation if it did no such thing before. Check your pillow or hair products? Bp as a wash should not leave enough residue to warrant that kind of effect. It doesn't add up. Now if you are using the bp lotion
  4. Happy for you, that you didn't have to use "the tane", once I heard something about liver damage, it wan a no go for me. I have inflammatory acne, not as bad as yours but my two cents is you need to find out what is really causing your acne. Not the root cause per se but what causes it to be inflamed and spread. If it is a bacterial infection, then your derm's panacea should relieve you greatly. In my case it is incessant oil production so I use a mint julep mask, wash frequently and other small
  5. I have those too, on my face! Hehe, I don't know whether it is just papules or nodular acne but either way it is inflammatory so; a) don't scratch, touch or rub them, it may burst and/or most likely spread. B) be patient, they will take a WHILE to go away. C) if a is not followed strictly, they will SCAR!! Now as to what is causing them, look no further than what goes around your neck; hair = greasy hair products, sweaters, shirts, scarf, jewelry etc and try to find the culprit that you can li
  6. Jkay

    Cheap, natural, good for hair apparently. highly comedogenic, oil shine after application, oily pillow I read the rave reviews and bought the extra virgin unrefined coconut oil from GNC. I used it basically as a moisturizer after applying toner. 2 weeks later, I had a MASSIVE breakout and NO this was not my skin purging itself. Why? Cos I broke out in places I had never even had acne before. It's the worst. It may work for some but if you have oily skin, watch out.
  7. different strokes; I tried extra virgin unrefined coconut oil just like the bloggers with the rave reviews recommended. After a week or two it gave me a MASSIVE breakout, and NO this was not my skin purging itself because I developed tons of acne in places I'd never even broken out before. Still recovering from it right now. I have oily skin. So warning to anyone trying coconut oil; varying results.
  8. are you seriously serious?? lmao. Every body is different so I guess it may be a remote possibility. Hey as long as you're clear, that's all that counts.
  9. I get those too; on average one or two a week. I used to think they were pretty weird too. Most likely you have nodular acne like me. DONT EVEN TOUCH THEM. have you not read anything in the acne info section? They will scar you deeply. Even worse, it could get re-infected and you'd have a new one growing in the same area. If you're gonna be using accutane, better find a good moisturizer that doesn't break you out (non-comedogenic preferably). I have never used the 'tan but from the talk, it rea
  10. hey read your story and saw the date on your post; its incredible that no one has replied you yet. I am a guy so I can exactly talk on female hormonal acne issues. my reply should push this up to the top of the notice board and hopefully someone gives you some answers if yo havent gotten em already.
  11. I'm curious how would soy milk have hormones in it? Where do they come from?
  12. LMAO!!! ohh my goodness!! i know this is not productive but i cant help myself. and i thought i had it bad with acne on my arms and other parts of my body. dude good luck. i mean it.
  13. lemmy: i second that i average 2.23 - 2.5L of water every day, 3 plus during the summer time. it cleared me completely a long time ago (can you believe it! just water alone) bcos i was stone broke and couldnt afford to buy soda or sugary beverages. hasnt had that kind of dramatic effect again since i re-adopted that volume of comsumption BUT gotta keep trying.
  14. 25yo Male. acne victim for 8 freaking yrs. started off slowly and skyrocketed 3 yrs ago. was ignorant at first but got re-educated quickly. been through SA, Proactiv, BP, differin, tea tree oil. differin cleared me but i couldnt get it for a while and then it had no effect later on. on Retin A now. improvement is painfully slow but its what i will take for now. keep working on it.
  15. OMG! when does the horror end. i felt like i was just watching a sappy romantic comedy with a happy ending and while i was reveling in the catharsis, some nutty rabbit jumped out the screen and yelled "syke!!". what i'll take from this is that it doesnt happen overnight. stick with iit and over time you'll reap the results. at least i'd like to think so.