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  1. i just cannot believe what has happened I FEEL LIKE KILLING MY DERM... i have been taking accutane for around 4 months now and i was due to complete a 6 month course of accutane. i am prescribed the drugs by the national health service here in the uk and i must collect my medication from the hospital which is where i see my dermatologist in the skin clinic. last week i missed my follow up appoinment with my derm during which he was due to prescribe me my final 2 months supply of accutane. But
  2. i have been on 40mg of accutane for the past 4 months, my back chest and most of my facial acne has disappeared, although the blackheads on my nose have gotten worse , the acne on the rest of my face has gone and my face feels smooth but when i touch my nose its very uneven and i am still geting lots of tiny blackheads developing around that area. and i think i might be making things worse by constantly touching my nose and trying to pick the blackheads i just dont know what to do i though acc
  3. hey guys, wondered if someone could help me, ive heard about a product named bio oil which is very effective in reducing the appearence of acne scars. i would like t use this product but im also taking roaccutane, bio oil contains vitamin A, so should i use it on my skin ? and to anyone who has used it before, because it is an oil, does it cause further problems by blocking pores ? and does it absorb well into the skin or does it just make your skin look greasy? thankuuuuuu
  4. their is a serious dermatologist shortage, especially in the UK. Derms mainly work within hospitals and you have to wait atleast 4 months before you can meet one. Few derms work privately and if you do manage to find a private derm, they cost a bomb, they charge a hell of alot of money for consultations, its ridiculous.
  5. its been 3 weeks since my GP referred me to a derm, but i still havnt been given an appointment. I think ill just end up waiting for months upon end for this one appointment, which means that my acne and scarring will just get worse. Ive tried going private, but the only prob is that i cant find a single dermatologist where i live, ive tried private hospitals like BUPA but even they dont have a derm. I honestly dont know what to do. Ill prob just end up taking a huge risk and buying accutane wit
  6. hey, my doctors decided t send me t see a dermatologist in hospital so that they can prescribe accutane, but i just read on here that the waiting list is like 16 months long :S. please say this isnt true i cant wait that long was it just a typo or did u actually mean 16 months oh gawd
  7. so finally i am going to start taking accutane. but ive been told that whist im on this medication i should avoid waxing or applying any harsh products onto the skin. does that mean i cant even use hair removal cream and jolen hair bleach? what a dilemma please could u help , i really need to know which of these i can and cant use... thankuuuu
  8. hey their, i will soon be starting to treat my acne with accutane, im really quite nervous about starting the course after reading about all the possible side effects. Im not sure if and how i should prepare my skin before starting to take accutane, i mean, do i have to start using lots of moisturiser and chap stick and do i have to change my diet ? it would really help if some of u more experienced people could give me some advice on how to best prepare thanks
  9. i not only suffer from acne but also have seriously dry skin , a friend of mine told me that vaseline does not block pores and so it is possible to use it on acne prone skin, to help with dry skin. i cant find any information about whether or not this is true, just wondered if any of u guys might know ! thanks
  10. Hi their nice t meet u all, im a newbie , just wondered if i could get some friendly advice from u guys. ive been suffering from severe acne for quite a while now, ive tried numerous treatments, ryt now im trying birth control pills which dont seem to be making any difference. the main problem is that, my doctor , will not prescribe accutane because he thinks its too dangerous a drug and so he wants me to keep trying everything else instead, which is what ive been doing for years. im really