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  1. I'm gonna be an exchange student in China and there're 3 weeks left. I got pimples on my face, I wanna get rid of them. Should I try DKR or go to a derm?
  2. how fast is it? i have limited time. i'm gonna move to china.
  3. I've had red marks on my right cheek and temple for like 3 months. Can aloe vera gel help me with this? they're so stubborn :S
  4. yeah it does a little for me
  5. how fast do red marks fade when using aloe vera gel?
  6. Did you use it for full three months?
  7. why not try ACV? it's cheap, just $3 per bottle. I've been using it for almost 1 week now. Haven't seen result yet, but it actually helps reduce oiliness. xD
  8. Hi there, have you ever seen this product before? Clearpores Please tell me how you guys think of it.
  9. Artwork in 1.5" frame ? Sounds cute xD Can I submit more than 1 artwork? xD
  10. I don't see any products with 2.5% BP here, in Thailand.. I may need to order but the shipping cost is so expensive.
  11. Does it help with whiteheads? I got lotss of whiteheads and red marks.. is trying DKR a good idea for me? ooh, I have oily skin and live in Thailand (gonna move to China) weather here is freaking humid and hot. Thanks