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  1. I can't remember who I got it from since it has been a year ago- but it was from ebay - she posted on this board.. I think it might be peelsondemand. I used 100% tca cross. I pressed enuf to where it would go to the bottom and twist the toothpick around to make sure I get all over the hole. I'm not trying to puncture the skin.
  2. I applied cross to several deep box scars and I would say one is about 60-70% after 4 treatments, two others are at least 50 % after three treatments. I also applied to some scared pores and they responded well.
  3. TCA Cross worked for me. It worked better on some scars than others. All of my cross were self administered. I typically wait two months before applying another cross. I'm not perfect but I'm satisfied with my results. In addition, the A peel is fairly good at minimizing/smoothing out pore scars.
  4. It works - you will need to do it at least 3 times to get good results.
  5. Smoothbeam 4x - I don't know if it did anything for the scars. However, it did cleared up the bumpy whiteheads on my cheeks. Skin biology stuff - CP serum, etc.. - it's still sitting in the cabinet from a year ago. Julie - TCA Complex - nice product A Peel - nice product TCA Cross 100% - I did it around 4-5 times last year - I like the results. However, it's a bit embarrassing looking like howdy doody during the recovery period - it takes at least 3-4 months for the redness to
  6. It can take up to 2 months before you will see any results from tca cross. I've applied 100% three times last year. I've seen alot of improvements however it will take awhile b4 the redness disappear. I use retin at nite a two weeks after the tca cross and I use kinerase during the day time. Good luck with your tca.
  7. Great results.. I wish my tca cross was working as well as yours.
  8. What about the scabbing?
  9. I did 100% TCA on wednesday - scabbed by thursday some scabs washed off today. The scab looks terrible however I managed to get thru the day at work looking like howdy doody.
  10. I had a nasty zit two weeks ago. I got antsy and picked. I ripped the skin fairly good however I put neosporin on it afterwards and no scar. Thank you neosporin..
  11. Update: Approx. three weeks after one sb. I noticed my scared pores have smoothed out and it looks fairly good. Unfortunately I decided to do TCA cross so I've some unsightly large red pores from it. Well, my next sb is in 15 days and I'll refrain from TCA Cross until after all my SBs. I just hope I didn't cause additional damage by doing TCA Cross.
  12. One thing that is common with my TCA Cross compared to others on here. It's alot worse after the application - my scars look horrendous after the application. Damn, how must I wait. !!!! I need the next three weeks to fly by becuz this is ugly.
  13. Well, I just did TCA Cross to 4 pitted scars. These scars are pin prick type of scars so the toothpick went straight in. I'm frosted now. I plan on working out in a few hours. I was gonna wait a bit longer becuz I just had SB last week.
  14. Damn, my face is dry as hell now. I need to stop the Retin A - it's making my face extremely dry, chappy, and red. I'll just use CP and Kinerase. However, I'm not totally giving up on my retin a - I'll still use it 2-3 times a week becuz it's the only proven thing I have used.
  15. Holy Sh... Are u Fing kidding me!!! That's crazy. Tell the doc to go straight to hell..