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  1. Last night I decided to atart this regimen and before I went to bed my scars looked worse (almost as a new one had appeared) and I started to get a spot on my left cheek which usually stays clear. So I went to bed wondering Id my face would look horrible this morning and..... It looks great!!! I'm very impressed, the red marks on my face seem to have reduced quite significantly and my face is very bright and healthy looking. Its also very soft and I'm just hoping that this continues to work .
  2. Ok So I decided to have a go at this after reading it and just had my first night tonight.. I had a bath, exfoiliated with BS and then applied the mask.. it felts quite girly haha however I surprisingly liked it which is even more weird! I Put ACV on this morning so didnt want to put anymore on 2nite! The mask dried really quick and felt like my face was turning rock hard haha! However I have washed it off and havent noticed any difference what so ever except my face is slightly more red! But
  3. Ok so I put the ACV on my face for the first time last night 50/50.. I'm not expecting miracles over night however this morning my skin did feel smoother and not as bumpy as last night. Don't notice much fading yet however I have just reapplied it! I'm going to make it in a bottle later as in put the ACV and water in because at the moment im making it from scratch when i want to use it. I did put 3 aspirin in the ACV but might add one more to the actual toner when I make it later. I'm also goin
  4. Its been ageeeess since ive posted on this forum probably about 2 years, however my acne has slowly cleared up however when i get the odd pimple now it leaves red marks all over my face especially the right side.. so I have started to use ACV I got it for £3 and its organic so heres hoping that it works. I have just applied it a 50.50 solution and it dries really quick. Ile apply it tommorow morning as well and ile keep you all updated on the process!! Hope it works well for you all!
  5. Hey guys Ive been on the regimen for about 4 days now and this morning i applied my bp and after moisturising my skin has become incredibly red ( looks like ive been burned) and I have my friends birthday party tonight! Does the redness reduce over the day because I can't go out liek this! I have applied some sudacream to the area to try and remove the redness and cool it a little Please help
  6. Good Luck, just remember that acne is currable, and together with every1s advice we can definately find a way to end it
  7. Awesome.. well done by the sound of it you deserve this so much, its great support to hear success.
  8. Day 2: Ok i got up this morning and a couple of spots by my mouth have gone septic , which I think is good, because i will carefully pop them tongiht with a steralised needle and they shd be down by 2moz and the huge spot on my cheek is also going down. The red marks seem slightly better and overall my skin is looking somewhat good. Went to Boots today and got zinc and omega 3 tablets to help my skin (especially because im not a fish eater) and the woman on the pharmacy counter goes you know u
  9. hmm ok then do u no if doves beuty bar is any good?
  10. KEEP AT IT! Honestly mate don't give up im sure you will get the best results shortly, make sure your not stressed either, cus stress can be a huge factor. I have some manky spots to lol but if we carry on fighting they have to give in eventaully.
  11. Hey guys i suffer from what i would call mild acne, about 4-7 red spots some small some a little bigger and this has been on and off for about the last 4 years. I suffered from acne bad at one point but after help from a dermatolgist my skin improved and still is. Im at university in my first year and I decided I want pure clear skin. I Have red marks left from previous acne. Ok so its really random one half of my face has cleared up pretty well, only slight red marks and the odd pimple. For the