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    Going to the theatre, going out for indian meals with family/ friends (yum), reading and being all creative (making cards, writing etc). Interested also in finding ways to clear up my acne! (c'monnnn dan's regimen, do your thang!)
  1. Just a little advise needed guys. I have moderate back acne (lots and lots of whiteheads and inflamed pustules, the odd nodular one or two.. ew), mild chest acne and mild/moderate face acne(painful spotty chin, a few on my nose and forehead, and very oily skin). I'm 22 now and i've had this prob for nearly ten years! i have missed social events because i feel so self conscious at times, i havent been swimming in a long time, i avoid the beach if poss, and i find physical relationships uncomfort
  2. Johnson's Top-to-toe baby wash (it's ph-balanced, soap free and really gentle)x
  3. You want something soap-free and PH balanced. Johnson's baby top-to-toe is therefore great.. funny, i've stopped using BP, and have just started using this instead (on my mild to mod face/body acne). I apply it with a wash-cloth, and though it's only been 9 days my skin feels so much smoother. It's like the fire's gone out of it and the spots are all drying up and dying (mwahaha). I think i was just overly irritating it before. Here's hoping this alone will clear me up! (damn cheap way of doing
  4. Yup, I'm just entering my thrid week and i've had a little fresh break-out. Gutted, really wanted to be clear for the weekend, but my chin spotty! (and rather dry). Really hard to be patient, but i'm determined to sit it out. hopefully we'll all be clear for summer
  5. Oooh, good progress in last couple of days with with the H&S and bacne, no new spots! hahaaa, marks are gradually (so damn gradually) fading too. come onnnn! yep has cleared my chest acne much, but have found chest area to far more sensitive, and it gets v.dry, so have moisterise it really, really well.
  6. After hearing about te H&S body clearing method on here I decided a month ago to give it a try. After years of moderate back acne (and mild chest and back of neck acne) I was fed up of covering up! A month on, and although I haven't experienced the seemingly miraculous clearing within days that other purport to have experiened, I'm now left with only around 30% of the spots i had on my back(and many old marks- some fading more quickly than others!) I have just a couple on my chest and th bac