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  1. Yes I know that- but I wanted to know if individuals that suffer from cystic acne had chicken pox as a child. I know several patients that did not have chicken pox as a child (despite the vaccine not existing) and have suffered from extremely resistant acne. While this is just what I observed in one practice- I wanted to see if any other individuals had a similar experience
  2. Hello all, I had suffered from severe cystic acne which was thankfully cleared by accutane. I have noticed that a few people that suffered from this condition did NOT have chicken pox as a child...I did not have chicken pox either and was vaccinated to prevent myself from ever getting it. I just wanted to see if there was any sort of connection here. Please do share if you had chicken pox as a child and if you have cystic/or very resistant acne. Thanks!!
  3. What can be done about hypopigmented scars? Surgery? Lasers? Micropigmentation? Anyone ever have any success with any treatment? Please do share!
  4. Hello all, I suffered from severe cystic acne and am thankfully now clear from the use of Accutane. I have been left with several (5) hypopigmented scars (appear much whiter than the rest of my skin) and have desperately been looking for ways to fix this problem. I came across the ReLume laser...has anyone been successful with this type of treatment? Or can you suggest any other methods to treat hypopigmented areas of skin? Thanks so much!!