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  1. I have one, and like the other people have posted, it's really only good for an inflamed pimple or two that pops up. But when your like me and they are pustules or blood below the surface...doesn't do you any good. That and if your face is sensitive, your going to be RED all over. Mine is and I actually couldn't really stand the heat it emits.
  2. Your face is looking so great! Such a difference from your original pictures!
  3. So today is day 3 of Finacea...and so far it's been ok. I unfortunately had a nice huge cyst forming before I started Finacea...so now it's surfaced up more and hurts like a mother. It's definitely helped in taking the size down a bit, or at least that's what I'm guessing helped. The redness in my face has gone down significantly too. I'm a bit oily though.
  4. Zeno is an awesome device. I have it and love it, although it does feel weird and kinda hurts a little bit on the areas. But, I have pretty sensitive skin.
  5. Are you sure it was the Finacea and not just a normal breakout that would have happened anyways? You did only used it for 2 days.
  6. So, I changed the title to my Finacea log cause I just started. Today is DAY 1!!! I just put it on and after about 3 minutes it itched a little on my chin, but it wasn't anything intolerable. I decided to leave my Retin-A parts in there in case people wanted to read about that as well. Anyways, I'm so excited about this! And I really hope it works! *crosses fingers*
  7. I got my Finacea today!!! *jumps around* I'm going to start today and I'll repost in a week how I'm doing!
  8. Prescription was sent in yesterday and it should be ready by Thursday (they had to order it cause they didnt stock it) so...YAY! Edited to add question: Should I let my skin go without Retin-A until Thursday when I can start using Finacea?
  9. If you apply in the morning do you have to wait a while before putting on moisturizer and makeup?
  10. I work the midnight shift, so I'm never out during the day, so I've managed to completely avoid the sun anyway! But on my days off I just wear a 45SPF lotion under my makeup that has a 25SPF, and I'm only out for as long as possibly needed. But, after 3 months of using Retin-A my doctor is going to put me on Finacea to see if I have better results, because the Retin-A seems to be too harsh for my skin.
  11. I was using Retin-A for 2 months and stopped using it a week ago because everything I put on my face (sunscreen, moisturizer, etc) BURNED when I put it on, I was incredibly red, and I was sooo dry. In the week that I stopped using it, I broke out! It's crazy! I really want to get my face clear and help it stay clear (which it WAS doing) but it just hurt so much to have to deal with all that. Should I try using less than what I was which wasn't that much to begin with?
  12. Week 7!! I've been diligently sticking to my routine, although my eating habits aren't the best. I am starting to really notice a difference in my skin. It's still a bit red when I put the sunscreen on, and it still burns, but I've gotten used to it. I'm still having some initial breakouts. They are definitely smaller though and so much easier to handle. I've been kinda bad and have helped a few a long. I can't help it. I just want to get them gone. LOL.
  13. Week 6 starts tomorrow and I'm happy to say the cystic acne is going away...slowly. They are incredibly smaller than what they first popped up as. I'm still peeling a little, but it seems to only happen when I get a breakout, and it only affects the breakout area. The scars on my chin have faded a bit, enough that I can tell, although the ones on my right cheek area seem to be a little bit darker, which I heard is common at first. Another thing I'm having a problem with is sunscreen. If I go ou
  14. It's been 5 weeks now and I HATE MY SKIN!!! The breakout period is horrible and the cystic acne HURTS. I hope this goes away soon, because I don't know how much more of this crap I can take. I'm still dry, I'm still peeling a little bit, and the only noticeable difference is on my chin. I really hope this goes by fast!
  15. BP neutralizes RAM and I was told by my doctor not to use any other acne product while using RAM. Your skin is already exfoliating (although it may not seem like it) and if you add to many other things to exfoliate your just going to damage your skin. I've noticed that throughout the day after I take the RAM off from sleeping I get really shiny and after the makeup and the matte press powder I STILL get oily. Not sure if it is just the foundation I'm using or what, but I didn't used to have th