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  1. Okay, understood. Do you still spray your face with salt water? Thank you for your update & remember to go back this forum once you have anything new. Keep well & in touch man!
  2. Hello it's me again. Hope you don't mind Kathi, how have you been since your last derm appointment? everything so far so good?
  3. You may have overlooked it. I myself made this mistake too. But I randomly changed my routine I found this. APPLY CLEANSER ON YOUR FACE UNDER 10 SECONDS. then wash it with water. Yes. I don't exaggerate. I have oily skin, wash my face 2 times a day & occasionally have to splash water to reduce the oil through the day. Last 2 weeks, in a hurry, I followed this tip accidentally. After washing, I did not felt the need to apply toner (generally, I have to use toner to balance my pH &
  4. Hey man, everything will be alright (to some extent) so now I need you to keep yourself calm & figure out what's the next best thing to do. In retrospect, I believe you're fully aware of this situation right from the start (Accutane & its side effects). Arrange a meeting with your derm, present your situation & disappointment to see whether he/she has any clue on how to mitigate this downside. You can start to find some ways to improve your skin again. There is always a way. You can.
  5. Whenever I sweat or experience the redness on my face, I come to cold water (literally cold water), splash it on my face. Don't know it works or not but it calms me alot & I feel clean & soft & breathable (since I am prone to acne, & oily, I hate putting cream or oil product on my face) Speaking of mood, it's always up & down when I break out, I'm loath to look into the miror. In these moments, meditation may be a salvation (nothing religious here, just breath in & out
  6. So what you gonna do next? The doctor recommended to continue with the same dosage or increase it? It is totally normal if you've experience side effects, irregular mood swing at this time. Keep on doing it if the side effects are not too serious. Remember, just do it, focus on the process rather than on the final outcome (which may or may not as you expect) Keep well Ben.
  7. Are you allowed to take anything (supplements beside taking Accutane - I mean like both natural & synthetic), for example, your immune system is being weakened by Accutane, so you can find another way to guard against the side effect - something like vitamin C, some orange juice....
  8. I have no idea about the redness and flushing. Bumped. Hope someone read this can provide him with helpful info. Keep going man
  9. Really good. But hey Ah43, next time could you take pics of your two sides (turn your head to right and left)? because Acne seems not to be visible when you see someone face to face. These insidious pimples hide in the sides (you can not see it when you look in the mirror)
  10. Thank you @mrfringe, I am pretty sure both me and magicman245610 are fully aware of the downside. When it comes to eating clean/healthy lifestyle, I guarantee that I eat no junk foods or consume beverage (just not reach the extreme degree: super clean, super healthy, strict diet). Well, sadly but true, Accutane is not an overnight success and is not the miracle which can stop the acne forever but at least for now, it is the only choice we can have. My problem is not just acne, but acne comes whe
  11. hello @magicman246810, how is it going? Nothing new with me here. Just wanna get a quick update from you.
  12. Two of these will do the job well [Removed link] https://www.amazon.com/Dermalogica-Smart-Antioxidant-Hydramist-Ounce/dp/B000YC718S/ref=sr_1_1_s_it?m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1490393805&sr=1-1&keywords=Dermalogica+Antioxidant+Hydramist&refinements=p_6%3AATVPDKIKX0DER and another one called Avene Thermal Water Spray They will help reduce reddish and control oil. a bit pricey but value for money. P.S recommend against moisturer because we are
  13. Wow, great. But it's still so red and dry. Hey ah43, are you currently allowed to use any topical product on your face? Spraying some water or toner may help. by the way, how can you deal with mental break down? Is it supposed to come and go?
  14. Is it too much for your skin? :-S I recommend against using chemical peel because it makes your skin thinner and weaker. Instead using a betonite clay or mud mask with ACV may yield the same benefits without being too harsh. And hey, your acne area is too red. Is that normal?
  15. Stay strong man. The same goes for me. It is a thorn in my side. Speaking of my case, an appoitment with dermatologist will be scheduled at the end of this year (I hope for a sooner timeframe). But are they supposed to give you antibiotics (in mild case) before Accutane (in severe case)? Many of my friends go through antibiotics. Some become clear, some achieve no significant result.