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  1. I HAVE to share an experience that has been surprising to me but that I hope will help others. Please share with those you know who have ongoing acne on their chin. For YEARS -- perhaps, geez. 15? -- I have suffered from chin acne (BTW, I'm 51, female). Whatever it is -- vulgaris, adult, hormonal, nodule, cystic, whatever -- it has been so frustrating and ongoing that I have tried everything under the sun to manage it. If I couldn't get rid of it, I would be content with just covering it up
  2. Yep... on the chin, a smelly oil. Got it. And, it DOES suck. But here's a question I need to ask (even more gross): Can you "smell" that smell in your nose, too, by chance?
  3. I'm brand-spanking new to this site and had to respond here, first. I actually bought that Acne 101 about a year ago (also on eBay), and it's not bad. Honest. It DOES seem to reduce the swelling, but yes -- it smells. In fact, because it smells so badly, I stopped using it until about two weeks ago. Now, I take a cotton swab, dip it in that, then dip it into something else that smells better (quickly) and put BOTH on the cyst. I've tried EVERYTHING: anti-fungal creams, neosporin, even camphor, w