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  1. I live in Australia, and our last big brother that finished last week had some girls with acne, one actually had it quite bad but she covered it with makeup most of the time but you could see it when she didnt have any on.
  2. the side effects sound a bit scary..suicide attempts?..i think i'll pass
  3. Yes another rant about this crap! My online relationship kinder went bak to normal and after speaking for like..3 hours for the past 2 nites to him he asked to meet me next tuesday, and stupid me was like "yerr ok".. this has been haunting me all day coz as much as i want to meet him this stupid acne is holding me bak and in my mind im thinking he'll be like..."eww" when he sees me and that would bring me down heaps, but if i look on the brightside and if he actually liked me i would be the happ
  4. WOW u r so lucky im so happy for you..ur skin looks amazing, i am considering going on tane but im kinder scared lolz
  5. oh thats horrible, acne crushes so many dreams, modelling would be awesome, everyone i know always used 2 say i should do modelling coz i have unique features n stuff, but without makeup my skin is real shitty, so i forgot bout that 1.
  6. I think it was my grandpas funeral 2 yrs ago, i was in the worst shape ever and i can clearly remember it, i was a heaps worse picker than now and i picked my whole face off and my face was full of scabs and shit. it was horrible. so i didnt go, my mum suffers from this thing where she cant go where there are alot of people so she missed out on going 2 her fathers funeral which is heaps worse i guess, but i still feel bad for not going . I used the excuse "im going 2 stay with mum because shes u
  7. yeh i think i was the 1 that leaked that he faked it.haha hes on my msn list but i dont talk 2him he made a whole new email account and kinder tried to be some1 else i think.
  8. i doubt he would care, i think its really me and how i would feel, i wouldnt be myself and this week i hav a huge breakout which is starting to pass but i would of felt real insecure and probably quiet. I wrote him a letter saying how i felt about things and said i wasnt ready to be with him yet coz he said he wanted 2 ask me out the day we met!!! and i wrote a whole lot of other crap that i feel. I dont want to lose him coz hes pretty awesome and i wish my acne went away so i could be with him
  9. yes well i been tlking 2 this guy 4 2-3 months and he reallllllllly likes me and said he luved me the other day, i was a bit but accepted it but never said it bak, i jus said i liked him. anyways he wanted 2 meet 2day and he was waiting for my call last nite to see what was happening, i didnt call, and made up some stupid excuse tonight about not having fone credit and having to go somewhere today. he was really pissed of and upset. he said he was a fool for falling for everything and i playe
  10. I have a pale yellow toned skin, well i used 2 anyway, now only my neck is still yellow tone, and my face is red and pink i think its coz of all the products and bp, will it ever go bak 2 normal?
  11. ah i know what u mean..i was kinder clearing up and ..BAMM in the last 2 days my face has blown up into a zit filled shit, i have a hugeeeeee cyst on my cheek (i never get these), 2 huge whiteheads under my eye, 2 huges zits under my lip that i keep picking and there all scabby, another thing i just popped and it turned into a blood mark thing, and some other crap that jus formed in the last hr on my chin, how greattttt..im angry.
  12. when my skin is real flaky, i use the taping method.
  13. 2 huge whiteheads (1 just popped by itself b4), 2 hugeeeeeee scabs that i picked and picked and picked and about 50 red marks. how crap
  14. alaskacne- wow thats a pretty huge thing to do i would never have the confidence to do that i have real low self esteem and well yer it sux. i dont know how to end this internet relationship i have i dont want to but i think its the right thing to do.
  15. Ahhh im going through the same thing right now, i been talking to this awesome guy online for like 2 months, we do the whole webcam thing but that doesnt show my acne lolz, and he wants to meet me and all.. and i guess i want to meet him too but my acne is getting in the way..like alwayzz and it sucks big time, so i'm on the verge of saying we shouldnt talk 2 each other anymore coz it's upsetting me 2 much everytime hes like.."wanna meet up next week?"