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  1. ~~My Experience~~ Moderate acne, 40mg daily for four months, 70kg I had an interesting accutane experience. No IB, and significant improvement by the end of my course. Unfortunately I was taken off it a few weeks early because of depression (not severe though, never remotely suicidal) and a pounding headache. The headaches stopped immediately, although 2 months later I was prescribed anti depressants, and I am still on them now (2 years later). However, taking accutane was the best decision I
  2. ... how long til they go back to normal post tane?
  3. Hey y'all, My face isn't looking significant better now that I'm nearly at the end of tane, however my skin now feels 100% smooth which it certainly didnt before. Does this mean that all the spots I have now are just red marks if they don't have any texture? I hope so!
  4. Can shaving cause acne? It has never crossed my mind until reading these posts that shaving can have an effect~ Im totally not a fan of shaving at all, my skin looks crap (red + feels tight) after each shave. Plus my acne becomes much more pronounced. As such I prolong shaving again for as loon as possible, typically about 5 days. I have to shave in the evening as there's no way Im going out straight after shaving. Unlike some of you who say that after a few days without shaving their skin star
  5. Although it would require more hands than I've got to count off all the side effects which have hit me during accutane, there are only two which are severe (i.e. if they don't go away I will definitely be regretting my choice of taking accutane!) and Im wondering how long you typically need to wait for them to subside after finishing mr tane? 1. LIPS! My lips are horrendous. I'm applying aquaphor about every two hours, and again after ever time I have a drink. 2. Memory and concentration is
  6. Yeah aquaphor rules for sure. To think that if I had never tried accutane I would never have met this fine remedy.... Anyhoos, can anyone tell me how long it takes for your lips to return to normal? Cos Im planning a holiday with uni friends which is set to take place two weeks after my course finishes. If my lips are like they are now I would not enjoy the holiday one bit, therefore am wondering what I can expect so I know whether to book it up or not. While im on the subject, there will be a
  7. Man I know exactly what you mean. Im 21 and have never had a date, and because of my acne I don't want one either. It seems weird to me that most of you want to to get into relationships at all! My acne is mild, but I am very conscious of it. Significantly so when talking to a hot bird. If I put my mind to it I think I would be quite able to land a gf, however I am convinced that because of my acne (not wanting to see her when its bad, being reluctant to meet her friends etc.) that the relati
  8. hm that sucks....but i thought accutane was all about the cumulative dose? That in the long term it doesnt really matter how long the course is? And yeah freshers week is going to be lame...
  9. Hello! I was on 20mg for a month, then 40mg for a second month, then I saw my derm who said i was responding well and that I should continue with 40mg for only another ten weeks, which would be a total of 16 weeks @ 40mg. I'm quite keen to get this accutane business out of the way so I can start disrespecting my liver at uni, so is there any reason why I cant start taking 60mg and ultimately even 80mg so I can finish early? I weigh 70kg Thanks!
  10. I started off on 20mg a day, taken in the morning with breakfast. After three weeks I was already putting up with majorly dry skin + lips and so applied the dubious logic "if I take it before bed the side effects will hit me when im asleep so il be fine by the morning' and guess what...it seemed to work! Now, having been on 40mg for a couple of weeks, my dryness is about the same as it was when i was on 20mg but taking it in the morning. Im not for a moment suggesting that the logic I applied
  11. Hello chums! Today the derm finally prescribed me this accutane thing, yay for me. I will be starting it next week (have a 21st this weekend where there will be hella drinking) and I need some essentials! Can anyone point me in the direction of a thread about UK moisturisers/lip balm etc? Spank y'all very much