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  1. wow, that acell is amazing! I emailed a link to my brother who is a medical student.
  2. you know, for the rosacea, I was reading today about this cream called ATOPALM MLE Cream that is supposed to help with rosacea, as well as the redness/peeling caused by retinoids and glycolic acids, etc. as well as post laser tx. You can read the reviews on it at skinstore.com. Just type in the search box or copy and paste this into it: ATOPALM MLE Cream then click on it and click on read the reviews. I don't have rosacea, but some of the people who reviewed it gave it rave reviews. I am th
  3. What exactly is the subcision/saline combo?---subcise the scar and then just inject with an (isotonic) normal saline? How would this be different than subcising and injecting with, say, Sculptra or another injectable filler? Exactly. Even this person said she had two Dermabrasions and Two Laser resurfacing's done by renoun Dr's and she ended up with a worste condition and the only thing that is making her look better in her case is the Silicone Droplet 4th photo from the bottom whic
  4. But, you don't think that you would get any of these effects with the Fraxel 1500, do you? If that was the case, I think that I would just stick with topical products that stimulate the fibroblasts e.g topical vitamin C, zinc, retinoids, AHAs, Cu. You know, I think I am finally going to take that histology class I have been meaning to take for years!!
  5. theycanbecured: I was interested in what you said about CO2 lasers that when the epithethial tissue grows back, it looks unnatural. I don't know much about these types of lasers, and have never met anyone who has had it. Does the skin then retain this unnatural look, or is it temporary? I wonder, do you think, that this is a possible complication with Fraxel where higher Joules are being used, and it becomes essentially somewhat ablative?? On another message board, I noticed a post by someo
  6. Natty: Have these bumps diminished in size at all since your tx over 3 months ago? I am surprised that they have lasted this long. Has anyone else had any side effects that last this long? Natty: Please let us know what your physician says.
  7. I have seen pictures of amazing results with Sculptra. Even in people with HIV induced lipoatrophy. big difference.
  8. What were your treatment levels?? Was is the 1500 machine?
  9. Magic dust: How long until you felt comfortable going out in public?? How many days were you red/swollen etc. Did you get a bronzing? Thanks Beckham. I just have 2 big zits right now--one on each side of my face! Maybe I should pick up an oral antibiotic tomorrow and double dose it for the first week?? Does anyone pretreat with antibiotics?
  10. Does anyone know if Fraxel is containdicated with Sculptra??????? I am having trouble getting an answer with this. I had Sculptra (which requires a series of txs to stimulate your own collagen production over time) The last tx was 6 weeks ago. Sculpra is injected deeper than other fillers such as Restalyne, hylaform, etc. The thing with Sculptra is there is a potential to develop subcutaneous nodules if not injected deeply enough. I am just wondering if the laser could somehow make that pos
  11. Natty: Also, was wondering if you have had any fillers (in the area with the subcutaneous papules) that could have interacted with the laser??? In particular, I am thinking about Sculptra, which on it's own can produce subcu papules. Does anyone know (or have had) if it is safe to use Fraxel soon after having Sculptra???
  12. Natty: It has been 3 months since your last treatment--these bumps have not receded or improved at all?? Did the bumps from your second treatment go away prior to the third?? I wonder if anyone else has had this complication? Has anyone else gotten bumps that lasted this long after the treatment? Have you talked to the doc who did the procedure about this?