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  1. Hey. When yur excessively masterbated.. Where was your acne located? Email me [email protected]

  2. LOL eddie, the nut butters can be addicting when u eat healthy and ur only other form of carb's are veggies. I now just try to stick to a small amount of almonds at once. It takes self controll. If u eat to much nut butter it can cause bad breath, as well as serious inflammation. I tryed to eat 1 teaspoon of nut butter at a time but its to good and nearly impossible so i just had to stop buying it. Same with raw cheese its to good to eat 1 slice a day so i just must avoid it untill I have the se
  3. Nuts are not an issue as long as you ingest cod liver oil with them as well as take probiotics and digestive enzymes every day. Nuts use to break me out as well but the key is to eat omegga 3 with the almonds as well as eat only 1 serving at a time. The last few days I ate some organic peanut butter and its really addicting. I eneded up eating the entire jar but I did not break out because I took 5 cod liver oil capsules as I was eating it, I also walked a couple miles afterwards to burn off the
  4. To cure insulin resistance read a book called The Rosedale Diet. Also search yahoo for a AMAZING article called insulin and its metabolic effects. For startes I would reccomend chromium and magnesium but your also gonna have a to follow a diet of meats, low starch veggies and nautral fats only. Evercise can help also and must lower stress as much as possible.
  5. It will cause acne if your unable to burn fat for energy and you eat to much of it. Long ago when i use to eat it, it would cause acne but as long as you dont overeat meats and other fats and as long as your able to burn fat for energy it should be fine.
  6. When i read some of my old threads I'm kinda embarrassed how impatient and ignorant i can be at times lol. I'm certainly a changed person now, I still plan on doing a new write up. Possibly tommorow. Ana you should use my info in conjunction with metabolic typing, meditating daily as well as finding a source of grass fed raw milk kefir. Everyone stay tuned for my new acne cure write -up, it will be much more in depth and non rushed. I have many updates as well, the only issue is finding the tim
  7. yes it causes acne for some, u will need to strenghten your adrenal fucntion to prevent it from causing acne. U must eat a diet right for your metabolic type+take suppliments accordingly to overcome this. I use to suffer same issue. Also meditating 1 hour a day split up into 3... 20 min sessions helps dramatically lower stress and improve adrenals. Another KEY factor is reteaching your body to burn fat, when your able to burn fat for energy as needed it puts the adrenals glands at rest. The stre
  8. Yes u will be able to eat those foods again once you heal your system. Just think back to when you were younger, none of those foods caused acne then. You must eat healthy+cleanse your system, it can take anywhere from 6 months-2 years to fully heal yourself. You gotta kill candida and any other bacterial and fungal infections, after doing do you will be able to tolerate dairy and nut butters. U must learn your metabolic type then eat and take suppliments accordingly, so "your" body can effectly
  9. Im hopefully looking to add my new write up later tonight, I'm very excited about sharing it because I'm able to NOW eat almond buter, delicious raw cheeses, beef as well as engage in sexual activity without it causing acne anymore. I thought that day would never come as i use to restrict myself to very few foods as well as engage in sexual activity once per week. I dont want to just rush the write up like other threads, I dont want to get anymore flamming, and I actually do care and want to hel
  10. overall its a good ebook, the only problem with the ebook is it dosnt adress metabolic typing............. which means certain diets, suppliments ,and or detox procedures are not right for everyone and can cause more harm than good.
  11. Most likely sunday, as thats my only day off. Here is a little test for yourself. If you have to eat every 3-4 hours to controll blood sugar when eating healthy or if you experience continious low blood sugar when trying detox programs or liver herbs that a major sign of most of the problem which I will explain later. Also there is 1 miracle suppliment that everyone who has acne can take and it will balance horomones, ive never seen this suppliment in any acne books, i found it on accident by re
  12. I'm gonna write up a new thread as soon as I get some time. I work 6 days a week. Anyway I've found a way to prevent sex and food from causing acne and I will share it as soon as I get some time to explain it all. Basically as everyone probably already knows, its not the sex, stress, or food that causes the acne directly, its something wrong with your body that causes those things to cause acne if that makes any sence lol, ill be back with the write up soon.
  13. if u bake chicken thighs crispy for 1:30 hours with a lil sea salt they are really good and ChEAP. I get my naturally raised, free range, horome and antibiotic free chicken at whole foods. U can get an entire 12 pack for like 4-5$. The pack should last u at least 1-2 days. I eat them almost every day. U can also get natural turkey but its a lil more expensive.
  14. LOL as long as you dont ejaculate you can engage in sexual activity but its kinda hard lol. Low starch veggies are green beans, broccoli, lettuce ect.... Search yahoo for more.
  15. Its important to stop all sex and masturbating or minimize it once a week untill ur health improves. Now i can do it more and not suffer acne but it took me over a year to improve my health. You must lower ur stress levels if u want to be able to have sex without it causing acne. The fastest way to see results is fasting meditation. Once in a while drink only water and meditate for 24 hours, the combo will dramatically help acne because it lowers stress as well is detox the body. When u fast its