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  1. When I go over my forehead with fingers there are obvious dents I can feel. I think of getting fillers as they are only thing that can raise skin, but unfortunally they are only temporary. Maybe it's best to wait for some future permanent fillers with stem cells, today permanent fillers use silicone which is in my opinion not good for skin at all.
  2. wow huge improvement I am definitely buying dermastamp.
  3. It could be from dermapen if he dragged it too fast, this is why I think dermapen or stamp is safer to use at home yourself, doctors rush over skin too fast and just don't care. But it looks shallow so it will probably fade away.
  4. I had my last acne about 5 years ago and they left me with uneven forehead texture and dents, I am 23 now. What can I do to make my forehead smooth? Here are photos, you can see uneven texture and dents [Edited image out] [Edited image out] It looks good only under direct light [Edited image out]
  5. I just started to use Retin A and I see my skin is getting worse, please tell if you find any solution to this and thank you for this topic, I will stop to use it immediately.