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  1. odd, i'm a regular sugar fanatic, and now, I can barely stand to eat it except when I'm feeling faint, like the mornings when I don't eat cuz I'm late getting up. Only thing I can manage to scarf down is cereal...not my regular array of gummy worms, sour patch kids, cookies galore, etc. .... sorry, I guess I'm tempting some people, but thats just an example of how much sugar I used to eat on a near daily basis. but now, ... I just don't feel like having any sugar...I'm :gasp!: starting to eat
  2. you're not the only one, I swear. On friday, i walked into a test, JUST having looked at some specific problems from the book, that were on the test, and for nothing in the world could I remember what I saw there. I forget what some objects are called--like a refrigerator, even though I'd JUST opened it to take something out. or a shelf....or an awning.... or almost anything....a shopping list, or I'd confuse two items, and keep repeating the wrong item, though knowing full well the right one
  3. okay...so I was just sitting here, browsing the internet, and all of a sudden I got super super dizzy, like... if I didn't sit down on the floor by myself, I'd just fall off my chair. Now, I've had the low sugar dizzy spells before, for a long long time, and this wasn't one of them. So, I took off my high heels, and got up slowly, to get some more water, hoping that it would help. Also, to try and get around people, since I'm not anywhere near them, and if I did in-fact faint or something,
  4. lipton tea bags. I swear, it works, this is EXACTLY what my derm told me to use to get my cyst to a head. Make the regular tea--but only use the lipton tea bags---the regular kind, nothing fancy with it or anything. but okay, make the tea, regularly... and when you can handle it, put it on the source that you want ....lol.... sorry, I'm kinda still tired. I would constantly put it back into the tea when it got cold...but after like an hour or something, it came to a head.... But if it doesn
  5. hi hi, I know its been awhile, but well, with the tane making me OH so tired everyday, I never really got a chance to do everything else that I normally do at night :/ yes, its affected my grades, though not more than usual, but I HAVE found it harder to concentrate and sit still without constantly going on the internet every hour. I'm trying tv muted and music on right now, but it kinda looks like the physics is STILL going to have to wait. On a brighter note, since I just started my 3rd mo
  6. umm, don't know for fact, but I'm eating protein bars while i'm on it sometimes when I don't have a chance to eat or something. I don't do it everyday, but its still working for me! Just make sure you its got fat in it...lol thats what my bro told me, and since the bars do... I take a few bites of it, and then the pills, then a few more, usually as much as I can stand eating, I've found that most don't taste that good. lol
  7. I've been hearing the same story from my parents for the past 4 years--you'll grow out of it.... haven't and wont. I actually accepted the fact that I'd break out with cysts every month until I was completely out of college (1.5 plus masters to go) for me... cutting down the dairy to organic milk helped a little bit. but you can never avoid the other stuff from the restaurants and all...but my mom still tired to find all organic stuff-chicken, eggs....anything... all this really did was help
  8. woo hoo 48 days in! YES! ... only about 100 more to go :/ oh well anyhow, the lancome stuff reallyworks....like, the only place I'm flaky at at the end of the school day, is wherever I'd been itching...and yes, scratched...lol so... do I see any improvement...but since mine was .. well... 99.9% inflammation from years and years ago, its gonna take a long long time til I see any substantial change....but I DO see some change...I'm not as red when I get out of the shower...The only time I'm B
  9. umm yea the time matters...its always hotter from like 11 to 2ish... that time frame is when people recommend to NOT go out in the sun. If you DO go out during those hotter times, you have to re-apply the sunscreen like, every 2 hours or so. Your skin is so much more sensitive while on the accutane, I say its not worth it. I've become a hermit because I've actually gotten darker from only a few minutes in this miami sun, and only from one week, so do the math... ~5 minutes * 3 days = 15 minu
  10. sotret all the way. I don't have a choice between the other generics. Its either brand name, or sotret...sooo I've got the orange little things
  11. lol, yea,... I've been up and down. oddly enough, I had the least worst skin of my two brothers and I, and then I just screwed it all up, and made it so much worse than my brothers ever was. I just can't believe that I didn't try anything in such a long time. I mean, I did a lot of online looking around, and pretty much came to the conclusion that I had to move to Norway just to get a white face. lol I was actually pretty serious about it, but then my mom started ordering norwegian food so I w
  12. you're gonna have to be on the BC a month in advance before you start the accutane, so basically, regardless if you're choosing abstinence, you've still gotta wait a month because ipledge is stupid and locks you out essentially. (thats what I'm told) but yet ironically, in my account, it has me listed as finishing month 3, not month 2--that I AM on...lol umm, I didn't have any gyno appt. I just went to my student health center at school, and told them that I was required to go on the BC becau
  13. wow! that IS an vast combination! And everyone thinks mine is so weird jk....but yea, you've got a lot of northern "whiter"/paler people descent in your blood. lol hmm a beta blocker...lol... o-kay.. i know nothing about those, but if it works, why not....I mean, how much real harm could come from trying?....but I'm sure that if you put it somewhere that you won't remember about, that you'll eventually not feel it anymore. lol It is a possibility though, that the rosacea was always under the