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  1. Thanks a bunch! It keeps me so much more moisturized.
  2. My derm said no, and I hopr he's right. I don't really think they would give it to us if it would affect our kids way down the line, so I think you're probably safe.
  3. Thanks guys, good to know
  4. Hey, I'm just wondering if the acne on my back will clear up. It's not as embarassing as the stuff on my face, but I'd like it to be gone. Anyone have any idea?
  5. ummm... acne since you were 1? wow
  6. The side effects start more or less right away, but it depends on your dose, and, of course, it's different for everyone. If you want to avoid/reduce them, drink LOTS of water, moisturize, and take fish oil pills. It's no big deal.
  7. So i'm just wondering if anyone else uses Mary Kay moisturizures. They work really well, much better than the samples my derm gave me, but I wonder if they cause breakouts at all? I can't really tell, because i've only been on Accutane for a month, so I know I can't expect to see clearing yet, and I got a breakout, but i think it was probably just my IB, so I don't know... anyone have an opinion?
  8. it would suck so much if they stopped letting girls take it. Especially since it's just a few morons ruining it for the rest of us. It's not like it screws up our uterus for life or anything.
  9. I haven't even been on for a month. I can't be that far ahead of you, can I? lol
  10. I feel like I'm finally going to pretty in just a few months. I've gotten conttacts (which suck with the dry eyes, but the moisturizing drops take care of that), I'm on accutane, so my severe acne will finally go away, and I'm getting my braces off in 3 weeks. I am so glad that I'll stop being such a strereotypical nerd. (i have asthma too.) I just have to deal with all the driness for the next 5 months...
  11. Is it just me, or is anyone else getting the impression that it's bad to get pregnant on tane? I'm just saying that they are probably overdoing it on the whole caution thing. I mean, the three booklets i got were all about pregnancy, the pills each have a pregnant person with a line through her over them, the little booklets mention pregnancy twelve times, not counting the graphics or the peice of paper attached to it. I just feel like enough is enough, and they have way too much. Seriously.
  12. Good Luck! I hope i all works out really well for you!
  13. I'm so sorry! that sucks so bad. I have no idea how to help you, but you have my sympathy.