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  1. I don't have problems with starches, but as a general rule try to avoid anything fried. You have to change your way of thinking, you don't need a substitute for chips, you need to completely cut that part out of your diet. At least that is how I feel.
  2. It looks boring and uninspiring as hell to me. Maybe your acne is caused by a lack of imagination? Limitations should make you more creative! Go buy a cookbook, raw vegan or whatever you need, and enjoy your food. It's possible to enjoy eating and work around whatever diet you are on. RAW vegan food is amazingly healthy, there are so many restaurants near me and people that live this way, and the food tastes and looks great, and is super healthy. I wish more on this board would see that eating o
  3. I don't get juicers, wouldn't a blender be better, and make smoothies? You get all the pulp, which has fibre and tons of nutrients(skin) I assume. Can anyone jump in and tell me the magic of juicers? Still, a good investment regardless. I want a food processor, now that is where raw food is made.
  4. Well I shower everyday, and wash my face every day(didn't really make this clear in my post), but I certainly don't wash my face in the hot shower water. My face is quite sensitive to this, and will turn red and it's just not great. Anyways, my facial hair is pretty light coloured and doesn't come in very strong, so using a braun foil shaver has worked great for me, shaving daily. It was only a short period of time that I experimented with completely ignoring facial washing, and while it did he
  5. I just want to reply that this is how I got clear, not washing for a while, then just washing with water for a while. I had realized, much like you, that my particular case of acne had started more or less with me freaking out over a very small pimple, over treating it, picking at my face, and just not treating my skin very well. I found that giving it a break and not washing did restore my skin quite a bit, but my skin eventually became very dry and very flaky. So I realized I needed a clenser
  6. I just want to say, to all the people brave enough and gulping this down, why not pour it into a smoothie or something? Like, take some frozen berries and a banana, a dap of honey, some ground flax seeds, then use the urine as your liquid. The frozen berries will make it cold, the honey and banana will mask the flavour, flax seeds for good measure. Do you think it is any different if you take it straight compared to in a mixed drink? My acne isn't bad enough to do this, but if i did i would a
  7. Yeah, i rambled a lot.. maybe I will re-write it all out again. Probably not. I am mostly just hoping someone with a similar type of skin, or problems will read my post and get some inspiration! It works really well for me, and finding out about glycerin and how useful it is was a real Eureka moment for me that I wish to spread, and that I think would be really helpful to many on this board(whether they realize it or not).
  8. Takes me 5-10 minutes, morning and night. That includes shaving. Only requires three easily accessible products(glycerin, jojoba, honey). Not much work at all, just took me a lot of rambling to write it all out so it probably seems like that.
  9. Go simpler and make your own and save some money, a dime in your palm of cold pressed veggie glycerin and 5 drops of jojoba oil, simply rub together and pat onto your face. Works really well. You can add in two drops of emu oil at night, or vit e oil, but i don't think it is as important.
  10. Both are fine, but oatmeal is better for you. Chances are it won't do anything to your acne.
  11. Beans and rice, buy bulk and not canned. Saute onions and garlic to cook in the beans. Then just get some veggies like broccoli. You can make a basic salad by quickly steaming the broccoli, then putting olive oil and vinegar and salt and garlic over it in a bowl. Uhmm.. you should know what else you need to keep healthy as a vegan. But Fill up on beans and rice if you only have 50$ a week. I see no problem with rice, if you are really scared(this board seems to scare everyone, you should try th
  12. My regimen is simple! 5-10 minutes morning and night. It focuses on loose diet 'rules' to keep you healthy inside, and a very basic but rigid external regimen, that is gentle, non-clogging, and moisturizing. The external regimen is based around glycerin, a product used in both commerical moisturizers and clensers, it is a magic product that won't break you out, will rinse your face clean, and will moisturize it as well. It is for people who realize that comercial acne products have too many ingr
  13. Hello! There is a bit of backstory leading to the question... So i have recently gotten my skin under control, with only a few minor issues now and then. I did this mostly by going almost au natural, i realized a big problem for me was all the products i was using, so i stopped that completely and switched to a mostly healthy diet. So now all i wash my face with is cold water, twice a day, and i apply 5 or so drops of jojoba oil to my face after each 'wash', and I exfoliate with honey every 3
  14. A quick question, if i am currently on a BP regimen, would putting aspirin into my ACV be a bad idea? Or would there be no negative effects.