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  1. Alright. I really need help now. It's breaking out more now. I have just been in Taiwan so I hope it's because of that but I am really holding my breath. I have tried: H&S - Doesn't work. 20% Improvement max. BP + AHA - I did it for a few weeks and there didn't seem to be any improvements. Should I try this again? BP + Moisturizer is working wonders for my face. AHA only - 30% improvement Got any suggestions?
  2. Holy! 7 Weeks for bad bacne... Well, mines is pretty light so I guess 1-2 weeks? Would that seem appropriate? :S My school wants me swimming on the 12th I think. I dunno :S
  3. Sorry for the super late reply, I was very busy in July. I am already doing the BP regimen but my mom isn't happy with the amount of BP I am using throughout each month. I probably use $8 work of BP each month. That is worth about 35ML of BP. I gave up with the AHA moisturizer because it isn't helping a lot and is only useful if I don't have active Bacne. Now I am using a Vaseline moisturizer. So now I am using: Bar Soap (Doesn't clog pores) Moisturizer I have one active acne and scars
  4. I'm probably only getting to 85% clear. MAX. I didn't do the BHA part but my regimen: Wash with normal Soap Bar Apply BP Apply AHA Moisturizer. Do I have to do it twice a day? That'll get annoying. VERY Annoying. However I can't do the BP Regimen once a day on my face so do you think I have to do it twice a day?
  5. Tanning just covers it up. Also Tanning is terrible, its the main reason I got bacne and I have learned it from past experience. I used to never had bacne and I haven't heard of any family members getting it. But this is when it all started: I went on vacation with my family to LA and went to Disney Land, Universal Studio's and etc etc. Since its really sunny in LA and I wear loose clothing, my WHOLE upper back was tanned really dark and I started getting acne on my back. Now the acne still gr
  6. After trying lots of Regimen without BP, I decided to give up and actually try this. I must say, its working like a charm but since the BP I buy is in little 25ml containers, its very expensive for me. Hopefully I can start buying from Dan
  7. You know how BP is annoying since you have to wait for it to dry or you would have to wear white? We'll after experimenting with lots of products I finally found a combination that has helped me in the past week to 2 week. Now I'm with light scars. Hopefully light tanning will do Tools: Head and Shoulders: Classic Clean Neostrata AHA (any works) BP (For Emergency) Morning: Apply the Neostrata AHA, brush your teeth, wash your face and then put your shirt on. It usually is enough time to let i
  8. That sounds great but my parents aren't fond of me using special products to get rid of my bacne. I only have scars now and it has been pretty stable for the past week. My regimen: Head and Shoulders Regimen without leaving it on - Prevent Breakouts Apply AHA - Get rid of scars Moisturizer - Need it, or i'll start breaking out. BP - For emergency Is this good?
  9. How effective is AHA in getting rid of Bacne scars? I tried AHA 3 times in the past week and though I see progress, it seems really slow. Am I missing something? I got those brown scars and hopefully I can get rid of the scars by June. Does Tanning work better?
  10. Oh in reducing spots. I don't think so, my spots are getting better by time not by H&S. You will have to find another alternative for that.
  11. I never got redness from this regimen. Its proven to work so don't worry about it. For me... I'm CLEAR. No more stupid active bacne anymore, just good old smooth back. Hopefully the AHA doesn't trigger my bacne :)
  12. Yes, it has worked for my chest. After using aprox. 3 weeks of this regimen. I have found out some downsides to this regimen also. One of them is the fact that you can't leave it on more than 5 minutes or else it loses its "effectiveness" and another one is that if do not reach 3 minutes before rinsing. It does nothing also. I have been using this once a day and I have gone from 7 to none to 3 to none to 2 so hopefully a few more pushes and I am able to get clear from this regimen. Currently
  13. I use the Jergens line of products. Its very good.
  14. The Head and Shoulders shampoo regimen. It works wonders.