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  1. yeah i know this, it didnt help at all before but its the only thing in the house atm.
  2. i was on roaccutane for 6 months and the worst side effects i had were dryness, dry lips and my back ached a bit. oh and nasty bogeys. but really its worth it.
  3. firstly, thanks to anyone who replies to this. i am now roughly 3 weeks/1 month post roaccutane and i was wondering what kind of treatments i should use to help prevent any more spots. i am currently using freederm but i hear its not very good. so any recommendations? cheers oh and if anyone whos thinking of using accutane reads this i highly recommend it. *edit i'm actualy going to canada in 2 weeks so i'll need to know if i can buy anything from there either?
  4. i was on roaccutane for 6 months and on 40mg at most. i didnt expirience any erection problems i dont think.
  5. hey, firstly i've been off roaccutane for 2 weeks now and the results were bril but now i've got a new spot on my chin... this shouldnt happen so um... i live in the uk, what should i use to stop new spots??? help please cuz im a bit worried it may go back to how it was
  6. this has prolly been asked many times already... but just how bad is it to drink while on accutane? i'm not a heavy drinker but i do tend to drink on weekends... so should i stop or is it ok?
  7. Hey, i've been on roaccutane for about 3 months now and i've got a weird purpleness on the tip of my nose... anyone know what this is? and how long will it be there?
  8. where do you live? im in the uk and we dont have ipledge here, my derm gives me 6 or 8 weeks supply of the med at each apptment. but i dont think gp's can prescribe it in the uk? i might be wrong though on that one, i dno.
  9. i have the same problem... i suggest you play it safe and do exactly what the doctor says. maybe i'm a pussy idk but i don't want to risk it.
  10. i've been on it for 7 weeks now and the chapped lips are a bitch to be honest... and dry bogies. oh and the first few weeks i had headaches and aches all over. but i've lacked an initial break out so far and my skin looks 100x better tho it is a little dry but the pros have outweighed the cons by far.
  11. thanks for the replys to help but i have another question. what's this ipledge thing? i ran out of my perscription about 3 weeks before my derm apointment and just went to see my regular doctor who gave me enough until i can see him. none of this ipledge stuff.
  12. ok i've been on roaccutane for 7 weeks now on a low dose of 20mg a day (i was supposed to be upped to 40mg a week ago but i gotta wait another 2 weeks til i can see the doctor again) so here are my questions. i have had no initial break out as of yet but should i still expect one soon? will the upped dosage cause it? also i have slighty dry skin, not severe but annoying none the less and i used vitamin E moisturising gel is this ok or should i stop sharpish? also i know this is my first post