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  1. Arneill

    Just OKAY

    Just OKAY

    I use twice a day and good enough for my acne, I feel clean but little bit drying, content 1 liter enough more less for 8 months just for clean my face only. Good value for save my £ £ £.
  2. Good stuff

    I use twice a day and I like the tea tree fragrance so fresh. Make my face very clean but not feel drying. My acne so calm.
  3. Arneill

    Try this

    Try this

    This is lotion quick absorb, lightweight doesn't feel sticky, I apply before bedtime and before i used BP it's make my face feel smooth and the most important is not makes my acne breakouts.
  4. Arneill

    It's works

    It's works

    I use once a week after I clean up my face with Physiogel cleanser and i apply Turmeric with my finger to my face and i wait more or less 20 minutes until I feel turmeric dry, I give a little water in my palm and I scrub my face circular And i wash with lukewarm water then drying with towel, results so Great my face feel very clean my comedo get gone.