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  1. Hey! Quick update. I'm on month 5 and I got my dosage upped to 50mg last month because it would save me a month of treatment so I thought why not. I got exactly two months left, and I can't wait to be done with it. Not because it's much of a hassle, it's just mentally annoying to tell yourself that it's not a finished process. I want to turn the page. Anyways, since the last update, 2 months have passed and I've had I think 3 pimples that whole time. Two of those were the results of me poppi
  2. Hey guys, Slowly coming into the end of my 3rd month on the drug. I'm still at 40mg and will stay at that dosage for my whole course, it's just perfect for me. I have to say that accutane has proven to be the miracle drug it's been advertised to so far. I had my last 2 zits last week right under the lip, and now for the first time in I don't know how many years, I'm acne free. I have no zit on my face, and maybe 4 marks from previous ones, but not really noticeable. Except for dry lips and
  3. Just ask for it, tell her that you are conscious of the risks and well informed, and that your acne is a big problem in your life and you want to get rid of it for ever and not have to deal with this anymore. She will probably listen to you and ask you to have your blood tested. If you're a girl it might be harder for her to prescribe it to you but for males it's pretty straightforward. Anyway, be conscious of one thing, accutane is a serious drug and you need to make sure you are living a hea
  4. Hey people, it's been a month and 3 weeks on accutane. I've had my dose upped to 40 mg. As I said previously, I had to finish the last 8 days of my first month on 15 mg or 20 mg a day because I was abroad and slightly short of supply until my next appointment. After seeing my dermatologist, we agreed to stay on a conservative dose of 40 mg and go for a longer treatment to meet the threshold rather than a shorter one on a higher dose, thus limiting the side effects. My blood test was really goo
  5. Another update, it's been a month at 35mg. I actually had a minor hiccup, I went abroad for 10 days and my dermatologist wasn't able to see me before the end of my first month, so I had to cut my dose in half for 8 days to have enough pills until the appointment. So I spent the last 8 days on 20/15mg per day instead of 35mg. It doesn't really matter though. My doctor now put me on 40mg a day because it's only 1 pill to swallow, and she thinks that since my acne is not too severe, it's better
  6. Dude shut the fuck up, seriously, what is wrong with you? He is asking a legitimate question and you are being an absolute asshole for no reason. You definitely have issues, probably got bullied by football players.
  7. Update, It is now day 12, should have been day 13 but I skipped a day because I had to go somewhere. My skin: Damn. I have ZERO active pimple on my left cheek, ONE on my right cheek and one on my chin. The rest are just some left over that are fading away slowly and surely. I have recently bought Cetéaphil moisturizing lotion because my face was getting very dry and itchy, and while it has the downside of making my face VERY shiny, I have found a way to overcome this. I apply it one day, an
  8. Hey guys, I will try to update this log as often as possible with relevant information, in the hope it can help people who are in a similar situation as mine. I am a 25 year old guy, and I have had acne since I was 17-18. My acne was never considered severe, but it has been very persistent, it never went away with age and it continually shifted from whiteheads to cystic to small bumps to whiteheads etc. It actually has always been a problem for me and I don't know why I didn't try to tackl