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  1. well i dont know about that SP, myself, dont know if from my italian decent, have about 15 moles in my face, not to big though and i dont like 2 of them and when discussing it with my gf about removing those 2 moles, she said that was one of my best features cuz they look like beauty marks, so it depends how big, location and appearance of the moles.
  2. bump, any one else that can help me out? dont know what to do i get different answers all the time, like i went to a PS and he said 3 to 4 months should be fine, is he right? thanks for any help given
  3. A rhinoplasty, in most cases, will affect your skin around the nose. I personally would wait at least a year after isotretinoin, and would probably wait 2 years. With that being said, I would talk to your dermatologist for his/her opinion. Afterwards, I would voice any concern to the surgeon and have them explain why 2 months is sufficient waiting time. By the way, your cumulative dose is higher than the recommended, which I personally think is good. How did the treatment go? Anything you can
  4. im actually almost done with accutane, I started on March 30 and will be done in 2 weeks and b then i would have taken a total of 10500 mg cumulative dose, and my weight is 155 lbsbut my question is, how long should i wait before i can do surgery, like a septo/rhinoplasty? is not skin resurfacing because i know i have to wait at least 8 months to a year for that, but i talk to the PS and he said i could do it 2-3 months after im done, what do you guys think? should i wait longer or he is ok? an
  5. yes in my case, i got scars due to the IB and also retina, and i never picked at it, cant wait for fraxel 2
  6. no its full face fraxel 2 and they give me a discount so it will be around 4500 for 5 full face, which i dont think is that bad. The only thing that sucks is that ill have to wait 8- 1 year which i hope it goes fast, later
  7. That's my opinion of fraxel. Even the "bad" stories reported no change, rather than worsening of scars.
  8. Do you mean to say you think that Retin A may have caused scarring as well as Accutane? I thought Retin A was meant to help improve scarring?
  9. probably u r right, other thing is that i took the pic with my iphone, which is ok but is not the best quality, yeah i cant wait to do fraxel too, like ive seen other ppl experiences and they are pretty good
  10. i appreciate ur coment JAC, thanks for stoping by, but i emphasize this, they look worst in person, also i think its psychological too because i dont want to say im obsesed with them, but i think i am, i feel depressed about them and wish i could do something about them right now, but i have to wait 8 months to a year for my skin to recover, but thanks for any input to all.
  11. thanks bro, they do bother me a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and from what ive read i have to wait between 8months to 1 year to treat my scars and they suck ass, thanks to accutane and retin a i have this mo fo's scars, now i guess the battle is about to start against this, but i hope u find something that helps u out too
  12. ok if u cant see it, go to photobucket.com username: ilbambino86 password: scars
  13. hey all, its been a while since i dont post, but ive been reading this scar forum for a while, and i am off tane with a total of 10500 mg total dose, ive been kinda sad cause of the scars i have, but can you guys help me out identifing the scars i have?how long should i wait? also if i am a good candidate for fraxel, which ive seen good results? and what is the severity on a scale of 1-10? i appreciate all the help possible, thanks. http://s227.photobucket.com/albums/dd123/i...7757b7302d230a8