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  1. Your skin looks great! I haven't been taking enough of a dose so will up my dose for the next while and let you know how it goes - thanks!
  2. Good luck!! Have a similar plan myself but similarly lacking in self discipline! Hopefully this will be the one!
  3. My acne is the same - I was really sick early this year and didn't eat properly for about a month and within a week of not eating I started to clear. By the end of the month I just had the red marks from before to deal with. For that month I wasn't keeping up my twice daily skincare routine at all and still... Within a couple of weeks of eating I had to deal with a huge breakout I'd love if we could work this out xxx
  4. he was probably too nervous - awwww thats great!!! Sounds like he really liked you. How exciting!
  5. ACV at a 50:50 concentration is working for me anyways. It just depends on how sensitive your skin is - there's no hard and fast rule. If your skin is more sensitive a lesser amount will be needed to make a difference. I haven't had any problems with oil though so???
  6. Will probably take a couple of months befor you really see a difference btu it's worth the wait!
  7. Definately go with accutane - a few months treatment and this could be all behind you. There is nothing topical you can use to clear up cysts and antibiotics aren't going to be that successful either. I didn't find it a big deal at all - few blood tests, sure dry skin but nothing that a bit of extra moisturiser couldn't fix. As for the mood swings/tndency for th development of depression - you're warned about it so much that it's something you or your family keeps an eye on - it's not out of the
  8. Yeah I doubt its the acne at all - mostly that doesn't bother girls. You are probably coming across as "too nice" unfortunately. Yes, there is such a thing as being "too nice"! There were a a few o my friends over in mine last night and we made a list of everything we would like/hate in a guy. All of us said that too nice is just not attractive in a guy - not very masculine quality. None of us want bad boys as such, just someone with confidence, own opinions and not a push-over. Nice guys come
  9. I love psych 101 but what if both of you are playing it cool... it's happened to me! OP - I've learnt not to read too much into what guys say, they really don't seem to choose their words as carefully as us girls so would be positive enough in this situation!