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  1. I've been a member of this forum for quite some time now... And I, like you, have gone through so many different types of acne treatments without finding something that works, permanently. Just recently I came across this product online that looks like it does wonders! It's a diet plan towards curing acne, something that i've realized works better then other types of treatments like antibiotics or topicals. I've grown to become skeptical of claims people make that something actually works for
  2. That happens to be my writing. Thanks for the compliment. I'm glad other people are actually thinking about this and what it means for acne sufferers in general. To say it's corruption is one thing, but let's think about this scenario. Scientific grants need money. Only companies who are seeking to profit from acne as a disease will fund these grants. The Government, our dermatologists, doctors, FDA, etc all use these grants as proof for their actions. So where does that leav
  3. I would suggest using a frying pan and cooking it using some coconut oil. You could add some organic spices (ones which are not irradiated) like cayenne pepper to give it some extra flavor. Please do not use vegetable oil to cook the fish!
  4. There is lots of truth to your statement. I've actually already written about this on my blog titled, Acne Information on the Web is Useless You talked about studies but if you read some more of my writings you'll see that I don't believe in most 'studies' - most studies now adays are all created with money on their minds and the health of the consumer comes secondary to that fact. It's true there is so much incorrect information out there and for that reason it is hard to believe anything y
  5. I've been a member of this forum for several years now and I understand it's against the rules to promote any website. This prevents spam. I've created a personal blog about my beliefs on diet and acne and was wondering If I could get some peoples opinion on it. I don't believe i'm spamming at all. I don't have any ads on the site and don't make money for it. If it needs to be deleted or moved to another forum, I understand! My blog is at focusacne.com Thanks for the input.
  6. If the cause of your acne, like so many, is Candida - I find folowing the diet of Bee, of healingnaturallybybee.com as the best anti-candida diet. Here is a link to more then a hundred recipes which are allowed on her diet.
  7. Agrred about getting rid of the multi vitamin. There aren't supplements which would deal with acne specifically, rather, a combination of supplements which the body needs (which it cannot produce itself) to achieve overall health and the best skin.
  8. It really depends on the individual. On my case all carbs would feed the Candida in my body which would cause acne. Eliminating all carbs including wheat bread cured it.
  9. Mix it with lemon juice with whatever you mix it with. This should take away some of the bad taste. I find it smells way worse then it tastes.
  10. I'm not sure of any foods which specifically make the skin glow. But correct supplementation with all the necessary vitamins your body needs will help you achieve optimum health. Optimum health means the healthiest skin you can have
  11. Please Google Bee's candida Diet - it cured my acne and it was totally related to digestion problems.
  12. I don't remember. I was so shocked that it totally went in one ear and out the other.
  13. Although it is all based around money, I do believe ProActiv has helped a lot of people. Those aren't the people that are coming to these forums, mostly people with easy to fix and small acne problems.
  14. Great post! Self exploration is key to become more whole as a person!