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  1. I think there might be something to this. It just doesn't make any sense to me how anyone could simply "outgrow" a harsh skin reaction like acne. However, I have heard that allergic reactions take about 7 years to "pass". So maybe it is simply an allergic reaction to wheat/dairy/sugar.
  2. Were you treating your entire face or just your typical breakout prone areas? Your skin may have gotten too dried out if you were treating your "normal" skin. Are you using a good moisturizer?
  3. Has anyone experienced breakouts in normally clear areas when you apply the cleanser and gel? My nose, chin, and forehead used to be fine, wheras my cheeks were the big problem area. Now, I've found that the cheeks are doing a lot better, however my forehead and nose are getting cystic acne. Anyone have this happen to him her? Scientifically, can that even be possible? Benzoyl Peroxide should kill all bacteria anyway, right...?
  4. bump If you take too much too fast all at one time yes. When I started, I was going well with 2 pills per meal, and then I wanted to spread 3 grams a day into two doses to make it easy for me. Bad idea, going from .6 grams to 1.5 grams in one sitting so fast made my BP drop to the point where I felt weak and all. So go up slowly, and spread it out 4x a day. And you can OD as much as you can on ODing on omega 6. And trust me, that is damn hard! Lol, some people get in 20 grams of o6 a day fro
  5. Nowadays, there are tons of products that have Omega 3 in them: Fish Oil pills, Silk Milk, Peanut Butter, etc. I was just wondering what the effects of TOO much Omega 3 could be, as I've bought up tons of these things and never really thought too much about it. But when added, up, I just want to make sure I don't drop dead or something. At least my corpse'll have nice skin. Seriously, though, anyone know what'll happen if you take CRAZY amounts of omega 3?
  6. Should i keep my eye open for a specific brand? What other specs are good, or will any suffice?
  7. I've never used this stuff before. Where do I get it? What am I looking for? Best brands? I'm currently using the DKR with just a little Actimine and Omega 3 Fish Oil. thanks!
  8. Have any of you just used the Gel and some moisturizer for sensitive skin? What were the results? I was thinking of taking lots of Fish Oil, Zinc, Vitamin A and E and doing this. Anyone try something similar?
  9. I'm thinking it might be completely bogus. And heres why: how many fat/obese people have you seen with acne? Personally, I think I've seen very few if ANY. And these people eat all sorts of garbage—fried food, chocolate, soda, sugar, you name it.
  10. I just got me a a 100 Omega-3 Fish Oil supplements. It says 1200 mg. The Omega-3 (EPA) Eicosapentaenoic Acid is at 432 mg The Omega-3 (DHA) Docosahexaenoic Acid is at 288 mg The instructions say to take two tablets a day, but I see most people taking up to 6 a day on this forum. Can you O.D. on this stuff? How much would you recommend for a 5'6", 135 lb. guy? Thanks!
  11. I hear a lot of people thinking of just stopping all the chemical bombardment of their faces/acne areas. I'd like to try this, but I'm afraid things might get worse and possibly scar. Anyone ever suffer from acne for years and then finally just decided to stop treating it and have it clear up naturally? Just wondering. thanks