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  1. im not a huge fan of Clinique Makeup. or skincare in general. although the pore minimizer is a godsend. i also like the glossy lash mascara. i feel its an overrated brand.
  2. It's called "colour mate" thats the shampoo/conditioner. And then for a more deep conditioning treatment, they have 3 minute miracle colour. similiar to the 1 u use, only for coloured hair.
  3. maybe u could use vaseline? i dye my own eyelashes. i buy it from the store and mix it up. blue/black is the most popular and eye popping colour
  4. some of their stuff is ok, i like the soothing moisture mask, cleanance k, even the water spray. the scrub and cleansers are average.....
  5. i cant be mean to ppl who are obviously less fortunate... thats just sick..
  6. me personally, i would have defended him. i would have said something equally as nasty about their appearance. sometimes i get more more satisfaction out of this then i would leaving it alone. sometimes ppl need to see how their actions hurt others. maybe thats not up to me to take that action, i gaurantee karma will bite them in the ass. how many ppl here said a acne/pizza comment when they were younger just to get landed it themselves.
  7. are u female? could be stress....even dehydration. drink LOTS of water! my secret is in my makeup. eye cream first. bobbi brown corrector in a pinkish beige then a yellow based concealer on top.
  8. do u apply the pore minimizer with a dry makeup songe? i got this tip off makeupalley and it makes such a difference.
  9. u might wanna try steaming your face with a bowl of hot water filled with salt. same effect, less gentle, less drying.
  10. im using head and shoulders too. like u, i think about the chemicals too. so i only use it every once and a while. ive been using a brand called Terax. i like shampoos that are more like gel consistencies then the creamy types. it may not make a difference but ive never had any problems. some ppl even use baby shampoo. i cant imagine anything being more gentle then that.
  11. haha. i have heard of this b4...i did it once to at the casino when i was desperate and oily. not half bad i still buy blotters tho. only because im a cosmetics snob. but, i like the idea of tissue paper cut into squares. i hadn't thought of that 1.
  12. for me, jeans have no price. its hard enuff to find a good fitting pair, ill take what i can get. if that means $100-$200 pair of jeans then so be it. the better the quality, the longer they last too.