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  1. Hey KarenM- I feel your pain:( I am 38, my skin has been up and down my whole life. I am currently taking 200mg of spiro. I have been on this dose since May. I was pretty close to taking accutane at that point. How long have you been on spiro? Now, I'll go 3-4 months with nothing, and then get a cyst or two. It is really odd. The spiro takes time to kick in for most people. I agree that the accutane seems harsh, it is tough when we feel desperate. I would give the spiro some time. When I us
  2. DId you end up going off? How is your skin doing? I'm on 200mg. I had 2 clear months and then 4 cysts this month. So weird and obviously so annoying!
  3. Hopefully they have improved by now!! I have had several atrophy/ indent....I have one right now. It is super frustrating:( My worst healed in 3 months (to where it was unnoticeable, prob not 100%), the smaller ones were faster (1 month-ish). I supplement with collagen powder, vitamin C, and I've also gotten acupuncture around them. Hopefully yours are better!! It is such a slap in the face post injection!!!
  4. How are you doing with accutane? I just upped my dose of spiro to 200mg (total), if that doesn't do it. I may start in Sept or October.
  5. I have wondered a bit about this as well. One thing I read, is that the copper iud can thrown off zinc levels.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I really didn't want to stop Yaz. I was concerned about the exogenous hormones, and how they were going to effect me long term. My blood pressure also went up. Because of this, I don't think doctors would prescribe them to me again. I would consider getting back on if that weren't the case. I'm going to ask the derm about taking 175 or 200 mg for a few months to see if that helps. Have you heard of people taking this dose? Studies site the dose for acne as 50-200mg, but I d
  7. I've done spiro + a month of solodyn, which I think is slow release minocycline. The derm really touts it as working better than traditional antibiotics bc it is released at a low dose all day. THe combo worked fine for me. Could help you through the spiro hump- should probably be more effective in a month or so??
  8. Hello- I had great success with YAZ and Spiro together. I took 100mg Spiro with Yaz. I'm 38 yo, have struggled with acne for what feels like FOREVER!!!! I am so sick of it:( My skin was great off of yaz for about 6 months (still taking 100mg Spiro). It went kind of rogue at that point, with a cyst or 2 per month. I went up to 150mg spiro in October. I really thought it was my miracle worker, and I keep seeing people saying that here, but it doesn't seem to be the case. I take LOTS of supplement
  9. Has it gotten better? I have one too:( It was injected really prematurely in to what I thought was going to become a cyst, but I think was just a little bit of inflammation....your photo doesn't look bad at all. I have had atrophy heal in the past, but the one that is currently on my forehead is the worst I've had....Derm told me I had to wait for a year before they would do any fillers. I hope you are well and healed:)
  10. This is great to hear. I had great skin when I was on Yaz and 100mg Spiro. I stopped the yaz almost a year ago. My skin was great for a while, then I started breaking out- cysts on my chin, and the area under my nose- has anyone had cysts in that area of your face? My derm had me increase my spiro dose about a month ago. I am taking 150mg now. I also take a few supplements- dim, acnutrol, and super milk thistle. I wasn't very consistent for a bit, but I am back to being super consistent now. I a
  11. How did it go for you? I was on yaz and 100mg Spiro with super clear skin. I stopped the yaz about a year ago. Started getting more cysts a few months ago:( Super frustrating!! Derm increased dose of spiro to 150mg. Hoping this helps. Also considering a short term antibiotic to help with the transition. I'm 37yo
  12. Any new updates? I'm wanting to do the same thing. Currently taking 100mg spiro, and hoping to stop yaz soon. Nervous!
  13. Hey- I am wondering how this is going for you at this point? I am wanting to stop Yaz. My skin is 95% clear on Yaz + 50-100mg of Spiro. Now taking 100mg spiro, and planning on stopping yaz in 2 weeks. Also supplementing, vit, minerals, fish oil.... Really freaked out that I will break out. I've been on BC 14 years. Any input would be helpful- I'm scared!!!
  14. Hello- I have the same question- on 100mg spriro and Yaz, wasnt to get off yaz. How did it go for you?