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  1. Am I the only one who's scars look all irritated and much more obvious after shaving??? I wish I didn't have to freakin' shave! I was thinking about lasering all my facial hair (except sideburns, eyebrows, etc)
  2. I'm sorry that many of you here let your scarring make you settle for less. How sad... My friend has HORRIBLE scarring, and by horrible I mean pretty bad. His body is pretty bad too, but he's engaged with a beautiful girl By beautiful I mean let's say on a 1-10 scale, she's an 8.5. Why and how did he get her? He didn't let his scarring ruin his life like you guys let it ruin yours!!
  3. Well to do things of it doesn't take the fun out of natural foods. Such things you can put in that category is the book "Natural Cures They don't want you to know about". Taking chances it doesn't hurt too bad unless it makes everything, you know, fresh or even homemade pizza.