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  1. this thing works wonders, i've been on it for 3 months...
  2. The neutrogena fading peel seems to be working somewhat... the red marks are less significant after a week's use (i use it every day for 10 minutes on the marks) I have regained confidence in myself and have just bought a pair of tight jeans... it's remarkable how clear skin can make you feel much prettier...
  3. hum... 2 small cysts today grrrr on my clear skin. shit!!!! bah, maybe it's because i stopped drinking the water... *grabs a bottle, "here goes"* I take 3 pills a day, one after or before each meal. found that 2 wasn't enough and 4 too much. I use BP on my whole face about once or twice a week. Anyone know of a product that minimizes pores (not makeup)?
  4. well i think it's the pills AND the fact that final exams are over and that I got my diploma... so I have less stress, and I sleep a little more. But it's definetely the pills, no doubt about that!!
  5. any updates on this stuff? results?
  6. It's now been 3 weeks since I started. I am very impressed with the results. I no longer have any active acne, none at all!!!! I can hardly believe it myself. Now I have to get rid of thos damn red marks...
  7. i'm a veeeeery satisfied customer of nature's cure
  8. Day 5: nothing much to say. IIt's getting much clearer, and fast...
  9. i started nature's cure 2 days ago. THIS THING IS PHENOMENAL. I'm almost clear, in like 3 days??? WTF??? too good to believe, but the kin is there, smooth, even, only a few red marks to deal with...
  10. Day 2: clearing fast, i almost can't believe it!!!!
  11. anyone tried this combination regimen as well?
  12. you might want to try other brands than neutrogena... they're not always the best...
  13. no, i use the scrub real gently, it's not irritating at all...
  14. Hi! I'm a 19 year old female with persistent everyday existent cystic acne on my cheeks and temples, sometimes small ones around my mouth and chin. I've been on Dan's regimen for a couple months now. It completely cleared my forehead but my cheeks are not much better, i still have persistent cystic acne. so i decided to continue on the regimen in conjunction with Nature's Cure Pills, and see how that goes. I wash with Clean&Clear blackhead scrub, very gentle (much better than cetaphil, wh
  15. i use Clean & Clear 's facial blackhead scrub on my back... it works very well for normal bacne, but not that well for cystic bacne... i also use apothecary papya enzyme scrub "scrub me tender", available at www.drugstore.com ; it leaves your skin like silk, i swear i can't shower without it anymore...