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  1. KEEP AT IT GUYS?! I promise it works, but only if you give it time.
  2. And about another IB, I think you won't have to suffer from another one, since you are switching from one retinaol to another. But before you switch, I would recomend that you hold out and wait to see what results you get from retin-a first.
  3. I now have 100% clear skin?! regular use of taz has been the only thing that has worked on my skin. I'm glad I found something that worked (finanly) and would recomend this for anyone with modrate acne. good luck everyone
  4. where do you find you break out most? I find that my hormonal break outs are on my chin. I treat my whole face the same way, thou and it seems to help.
  5. Yes, leave them ALONE!!!! they will go away faster and leave less of a mark if you leave them alone.
  6. Lemon juice will bleach your hair, but will darken your skin if exposed to the sun. wreid, huh?
  7. Its been a while but I have to say that this board has helped me clear up a lot of my problems. For starters, I now have some what clear back, with the odd pimple here and there. That's a 180 compared to how it used to be. Also, my face has cleared up well. I do have spot from where I picked, but those are fading. The Taz helps with some shallow scars that I have. So, until my scars disappear, I will continue to use Taz.
  8. Oh man...I've been so busy with school and work that I haven't had a chance to update. My face is clearing up nicely expect for the spots where I have been bad and have picked at. I really need to stop picking because the pimple on its own will go away with time, but the scab left from picking takes forever to heal. My boyfriend has the best skin, I am so envious...
  9. Any suggestions to help cover or make this go away would be appreciated.
  10. Week nine: My skin looks AWFUL. I'm hoping its stress or hormonal related since both of these problems will be solved in the following two weeks. Only five finals to study for and today I started my period (finally) so I can also get on birth control.