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  1. Well i stopped using retin A in oct 31, 2016. I think my skin isn't as thin now as it was before, because when i do get a pimple, it doesn't leave a scar instead it just leaves a hyper pigmentation. I still think my skin is a little thin, but i expect it to get back to normal within a year. I don't have orange peel skin, thank god.
  2. I am soooo busy. But i thought I'd share some info to other acne sufferers based on my experience. Hopefully this could help someone. If you read my past post, I had used Retin A. This post is the most recent update on what is going on with my skin. Retin A worked well for my skin when i first used it. Once i got clear skin, i completely stopped. I broke out again after three months of not using Retin A. So i started using it again, and this time it did not work at all. In fact, because the reti
  3. A little update. my skin has cleared up wonderfully. I tweeked my nutrition once again, added new supplements and a few essentail oils. My skin is so soft and the indented scars are healing. acne is loosing this battle
  4. thanks gabo20 so far my skin is 100% clear, all the cysts went down and no new breakouts. I am just dealing with the scars and hhyperpigmentation that comes afterwards.
  5. the supplements I ordered are: Garden of Life Raw for Women Moringa powder matcha powder MACA powder So the toner i have made has helped with my acne so far (no new breakouts) and I have also been dabbing grape seed oil after on my cyst.
  6. i feel like giving up this battle with acne, and let it reck havoc on my face. But I won't Today I am going to stop using Retin A because it is not working as it use to. I have painful cystic acne right now, I've dabbed some peppermint tea and sea salt toner on it. I'll see how things look in the morning. I've also ordered some healthy supplements online to see if they will get rid of my hormonal acne. Wish me luck guys, i am just feeling really down because of this acne
  7. ahah you are suppose to dilute tea tree. So in your moisturizer, you can add a drop of tea tree oil in it, that in a way is dilution Yes the clay really did help my acne alot, all the small and big bumps reduced in size just by one use. Benonite clay gets rid of the toxins in your face when you apply it and also drys out the acne. right now, i am currently going through small breakouts of acne. I ate out with a friend, not knowing that the food had dairy in it. I am so upset with acne.
  8. aww hang in there. I broke out a few days ago because I had a large pizza and cheetos. I ended up with HUGE painful cysts, four of them on one side of my face. Right now they are clearing up so fast because i have upped my doses of tea tree oil. I was so scared to try shea butter too, but i was like what do i have to loose im always getting pimples no matter what I do. Shea butter helped clear me up amonst other things
  9. if you use organic unrefined shea butter, it should actually not break you out and is good for acne. The nivea brand isn't pure shea butter. Maybe try the pure organic/unrefined kind and see what it does for your skin? The shea butter actually got rid of my dark stretch marks, after i lost weight and evened out my skin tone. i have very oily skin and surprisingly the Shea butter controls the excess oil my skin produces.
  10. Hey, Hang in there too. I am not giving up on my skin. You'r right, acne wether its a few spots or a cluster of it, it is still so flippen depressing. The african black soap brand I use is: http://duduosum.com/products/dudu-osun-black-soap/ the ingredients in it are so great and i think the lemon in that soap is what helped clear the dark hyperpigmentation from acne. You can get it from any african beauty store or african stores that sells wigs, they have a beauty section they always carry th
  11. A little background about my acne- i have huge cystic, Painful acne around my jawline. I changed my diet- cut out meat, dairy, bread, i ate more clean/green juices and cut out pretty much everything bad for acne and still suffered from painful cysts. I always suffered form acne, but never this horrible. This horrible cystic acne came near the end of last year. So earlier this year i got prescribed retin A .05%, started using african black soap, tea tree, and also used a clay mask (benonite) wit