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  1. Week 3 ended last Friday but I forgot to take pictures and was too busy to post anything so I took pictures today and am updating the blog (as you can see :)) Last week got a little rough after I posted my blog post. My hormonal acne flared up and I got two cysts. HOWEVER things calmed down quickly and the cysts were gone within 2 days and a half. Everything seems to be continuing to heal nicely. . . My period started so my hormones should be returning to normal, so I guess so should my skin
  2. Oh my goodness - Differin is helping so much! In just another week the hyperpigmentation on my cheeks has calmed down substantially . I went out of town for a few days and ate a ton of junk food and am pleased to say that I didn't suffer like I normally would have if I ate that kind of stuff. I did get a few black heads on my forehead (I popped them last night, put Differin on them and they are healing now) (circled in red) but compared to what I normally get it was miniscule. The only thin
  3. Yesterday was the end of week one. And I am thoroughly impressed. But also a little anxious. My skin almost had no peeling or flaking like a lot of people say they have. I do admit however, that around that zit on my chin it did flake for two days. New zits would come up, linger for a day or a day and a half, and then disappear. I really tried not to pick at my face this week but I gave into temptation two times but the zits that I popped were completely none-existent the day after I popp
  4. What is that? I have never heard of it, thanks for the suggestion!
  5. I finally got all of my acne medications yesterday so last night I started my battle with acne! I am so excited! This was my routine last night Washed face with Aveeno Clear Complexion Cleanser Moisturized with two pumps of argan oil Waited half an hour then applied Clindamycin Waited 20 minutes then applied Differin Consumed Flaxseed Oil, Vitamin E and Codliver Oil. I won't be applying the Differin again till Monday night and tonight I will be washing my face wi
  6. What is a good salicylic acid cleanser I should use? Which one works best for you?
  7. Mk47- your eyebrows are perfect. You know, when I was 13 I was breaking out on my forehead just like you and I turned that around by taking Flaxseed Oil. Just a teaspoon every night. My forehead was clear in a month. Now 3 years later I have no acne on my forehead (except for when I eat fried foods) but for some reason Flaxseed Oil doesn't seem to be helping the sides of my face
  8. I'm sorry to hear that too! But have hope, the dermatologist said "might" haha
  9. Starting next week I will be beginning a new regimen! Whoop, whoop! I hope to make daily or at least weekly entries on this blog to note my progress and possibly post pictures. Here is my plan of attack for the first week: IN THE MORNING: Consume Nicomide, Fish oil, Flaxseed oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin D and St. John's Wort with breakfast. Moisturize with Argon oil Spot treat with Clindamycin IN THE EVENING (after working out): Alternate days between Avar cleanser and Sal
  10. I have the same problem as you only my PIH marks are on the sides of my face. I can't offer any advice because I am trying to find a way to get rid of them too You said the Salicylic cleanser helped? How often did you wash with it? Was your face very dry because of it? On Monday my dermatologist prescribed Salicylic acid cleasner so I am just curious to see how it helped you.
  11. Thanks for the reassurance! I probably won't start the whole process until next week, I will let y'all know how it goes! I was also prescribed doxycycline! How is that going for you mk47? You said in your first post that you were going back to the dermatologist that afternoon, if you don't mind me asking, how did that go?
  12. I was just prescribed Differin this afternoon by my dermatologist. I was really worried about the "purging" period so she also prescribed me an Salicylic face wash and an antibiotic to take. She also suggested that I ease into it - applying Differin once every two-three days, and then uping the frequency of use as my skin got used to it. After reading y'all's posts I am getting nervous - how were y'all applying it? Should I not use Differin?
  13. I am in the same boat buddy. Let me know if you find anything that helps!
  14. It sounds like you might have cystic acne. Don't worry, I get those too sometimes. They will go away eventually but the most important thing is to BE PATIENT AND DON'T PICK AT THEM! What helps me to not pick at them is to ice them for 2-4 minutes ( lessens swelling/redness) and also dampening the cyst and then putting some ORGANIC sugar on it (this draws out infection). Don't use sugar that isn't organic! Also, if you do pick and the zit pops, put some cold water on it to close the pore and
  15. Good morning y'alll, So all my life I could never ever eat anything 'junky' without breaking out afterward (any fried food - a new pimple almost immediately after the meal. Some candy - a huge cystic zit a day later). But my family rarely buys this kind of stuff (we are the 'granola' type of people if you get what I mean). So my skin has never been exactly bad. Three zits on the side of my face, maybe on my hairline, typically, and I could live with that! I didn't worry too much about my fa