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  1. I got my 4th session last Thursday, Had to wait 6 weeks. Man I have been through hell the pass six weeks. I left off on my third session that was a bit to strong because my cheeks were red for like 3 weeks. Then I did something stupid and got Juverderm injected which did not help and boy was I bruised and discolored for another 3 weeks. I am a little blotchy right right now and can't wait to get back to normal. I think I have had enough of trying all the bull crack that is out there. The down t
  2. I go in on the 5th of June for my 3rd session. I took the day off for the 6th because I know I will have some redness. The doctor already told me he's going to crank it up this time. The 2nd one I had was at 4.7 and I think you can only go up to a 7. I didn't have any swelling up to this point but we will see this time around. To be honest I see more results when I give myself chemical peels but then there is more down time with that. I am not going to jump the gun here because I have only had 2
  3. Kat1711 have gone for your third session yet? Has anyone gone through a third session? I am due on Tuesday for my third. The doctor did state that he would crack it up this time.
  4. Here is an update, this morning I woke up and I had red circles in the places that where zapped. Not real red but enough to have to place something over it in order to hide it. It has been 24 hours and I just got home and washed my face, I seem to notice a little change but not much, it could be a little swelling that is making it look a bit better. By better I mean a bit smoother looking but to soon to tell. This is not a overnight cure but I have to wait till I have had a least 4 or 5 of these
  5. Well just got back an hour ago from my second session of the affirm laser. I am a little pink but you can barely tell. Asked what the treatment level was and the doc told me he was doing a level 4 this time. Does anyone know what that is equal to? I mean I hear people that do fraxel on their first treatment get a level 6 and level 8 on the second treatment. I dont know if this will help me in the long run I think it is to weak to get any great gains out of this. Has anyone passed their 3rd or 4t
  6. I go in for my second session on Tueday night. I will post my feedback on the session after a day or two.
  7. I had my first treatment with the affirm laser yesterday. I am glad I am going through with it instead of fraxel. It only made my cheeks pink in color but by the time I got up this morning you could not tell I had anything done. I go back in 3 weeks for my second session which will be at a higher rate, even if he does twice the strength I think the redness would be gone in 24 hours which is better then a few days. I think it is going to help me once I have 4 to 6 of them done. My face was nice a
  8. I had 10 cut out and only two worked for me. Now I have 5 of them that got wider from doing TCA peels and now they look bad. I have gone to a PS and he just wanted to cut them out again. He told me nothing else would help and that I would be wasting my money on lasers and fillers. I will not let them cut me again, I have an appointment with a Derm next month who has the new Affirm laser. I will see what he says. This is just my results as you know everyone has different outcomes some good some b