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  1. hey dyst0pia, i found my old post that u commented on before... how's everything going for u?

  2. Wow this post really struck a chord with me... I haven't posted in ages but now I feel like I should. As another college student, I can definitely relate to all that you're saying about the difficulty of dealing with acne and related skin issues at school. I remember even before getting here, before entering college thinking "Maybe I'll have clear skin for once this year..." and it NEVER happened. It only remained constant or got worse. It's very draining the consistent preoccupation with how
  3. 6th! And you'll probably start losing track of the votes for MAC Fluidline soon They do have pretty colours but I stick with my basic staple MAC Fluidline in BlackTrack and I wear it *everyday*. It stays on with minimal smudging (a bit on the lower lash line but if you smudge it a first, which makes it more natural, then that solves the problem) and I honestly wouldn't be able to live without it. I'm never going back to pencil liners, nevaaaar
  4. Hey dyst0pia.

    Hope you're doing well :)

  5. I'm taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo for the first time to try and control my hormonal acne... So far, it *seems* to have made my more stubborn acne-prone areas clearer, but it's also given me a whole bunch of little pimples on my forehead! My bangs cover them but ergh, I didn't expect this pill to make one place better and another worse. It's only my first month though, so I'm hoping this is just my body getting used to it and it'll go away soon... Does the Aleve thing really work? On top of the ac
  6. Personally, I need my guy to be taller than me, and I'm 5'7. Weight-wise, that applies too. I'm at a pretty average weight for my height, so as long as the guy isn't too skinny, then it's all good. That being said, I love my current bf's height/build. He's 5'11 and fairly muscular... especially his upper body. Nice arms/chest is a big turn-on for me...basically for guys, I think if you work out on a regular basis, your body can't be too far off from what is ideal for your height. I'm really no
  7. Monistat made my skin feel really itchy by the end of the day and broke my skin out. I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to it But who knows, it might work well for you. At 11$ here I definitely wish I could use this instead of other primers that always seem to cost a fortune
  8. Biomed. Hopefully med school's in my future and then dermatology
  9. When I first met my boyfriend, I had initially taken him to be a more superficial, shallow-hal kind of guy, though now I know he's not like that. I was also in a fairly clear period at the time where I was dealing with a few red marks and maybe the odd pimple or two, but nothing major (though it seemed like a huge deal at the time). Then disaster struck... I had a horrible allergic reaction to some product I was using and broke out something AWFUL...it was just when we had started going out too.
  10. I know how you feel. This endless vicious cycle is what gets a lot of us on here in the first place. It's like you're given a taste of clear skin and then right away it gets taken away from you. I can't remember how many times I've thought to myself, "Is it too much to ask to not have acne?" But I find with me, it goes from asking to not have big, obvious pimples, to skin without any pimples at all, to finally having *flawless* skin (which I can never hope to get). It's funny though, when I lo
  11. I've just started using the 'light' Smashbox primer that's supposed to be better for acne-prone skin. I definitely like wearing it under my foundation better than without, but it didn't *as* good of a job as I had hoped of masking scars/redness. The kind you got seems to be more of what I'm after...I'm going to give that one a try next. I would still recommend the light..but for people who actually don't have much to conceal in the first place
  12. About the concealer issue, do you wear primer underneath your foundation/concealer? I use Clinique's Pore Refining Lotion as a primer and it makes my huge pores look much smaller and my whole face look smoother in general. It makes a big difference whether or not I wear primer...My mom, who normally does not notice skin at all, commented on how nice my skin looked the other day when I was wearing primer under my usual Colorstay. It was either this product or another similar one by Clinique tha
  13. First of all, congrats on the making the first move! I was in a similar situation as you. Except I met the guy I'm dating now at work not at a club and the lighting at work is pretty harsh to begin with...but I've always tried to stand not too close to him etc. when we were together so I don't think he ever got a really close look at my face. I was pretty nervous to go out with him, especially since we made plans in the daytime which made me more self conscious but I thought that if he liked m