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  1. Thanks to both of you!!! I read the exfoliating topic in the mild forum and I am definitely going to try that. I REALLY appreciate you directing me there. I have not used glycolic acid nor have I had a glycolic peel.. but next time I go see my esthetician I'm going to see what she suggests. She's pretty good with handling my skin and not pushing products, etc. on me so I trust her.
  2. Is it okay to blend my moisturizer in with my foundation? I'm not talking about putting the moisturizer on first. I want to know if I can blend the 2 together and put on my face at the same time. I use Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer for combination skin. And color stay liquid foundation by Revlon. Any feedback?
  3. I have been using an exfoliant from one of my local spa's. I've used it for years and have never had any bad side effects or breakouts (other than my face being red for several hours afterward.) But now.. I'm using Benzaclin 5% in the mornings and Retin-A 0.025% in the evenings (not every night though) and I'm soooooo scared to exfoliate because I feel like it's going to react bad with my topicals. Any suggestions? I have to eliminate some of this dry and flakey skin but am worried. HELP ME
  4. I'm going to keep trying new ways to work with my regimen since I've only been doing this for one week. I have had better luck with using a thin layer of everything (including moisturizer) and allowing all of it to soak in on its own rather than forcing it into my skin as I normally would. I'll report back if I find a miraculous cure to the oily b.s. haha
  5. I have issues with anyone from a cosmetic company selling products who is answering questions when the motive is to sell its "own" products. I'm not saying there may not be some truth to what the e-mail states. However, my dermatologist was very firm in letting me know that BP will assist in reducing oil.. but not a whole lot, nor does it stop the flow of sebum by any means - so to say it strongly affects the oil glands is not accurate.. therefore I lost respect for the woman from that moment
  6. No one else has an issue with this after using a moisturizer?! Hmmm? Maybe my topics are just lame??!
  7. Thanks everyone!!! What I've noticed over the last several days is that the Retin-A does seem to be drying up the blackheads. Last night I steamed my face and it's like the blackheads just came pouring out.. with so much ease. The ones on my nose that are usually stubborn that I have to leave alone were a breeze to extract. Those on my nose were always really "wet" like quite oily.. now they're dry... hmmmm... Anyway, I know my derm. would never prescribe Accutane for me because my acne i
  8. Ohh great.. well, the last thing I need is more problems. I'm not sure what to do. Do you guys have any suggestions with any other powders that control shine but won't cause breakouts? I'm willing to buy a pricey powder if it actually works... but if there is one that doesn't cost a fortune I'd try that first.
  9. I've heard rave reviews about the Mineral Veil powder, but I also read that cornstarch is not good for acne prone skin. Has anyone used this and if so, what were your results? I have combination skin (T-zone super oily and the rest dry) but I am also using Retin-A and Benzaclin so obviously I'm scared to use any powder at this point.... any feedback would be most appreciated!!!
  10. I've been reading a lot of make up tricks, etc here and you guys are WONDERFUL with advice. Forgive me if this question has been asked before... I'm still in the beginning stages of acne treatment. I used Benzaclin in the morning and Retin-A in the evening before bed time. My face is slowly adapting but is still quite red and quite dry. I use my moisturizer but I'm scared using foundation and powder is going to make the dryness worse. Any suggestions? Also, is there a foundation and powde
  11. I am curious about any success stories about applying Aloe Vera and/or Vitamin E (an opened capsule to get the gel out) for moisturizer or ANYTHING on the face for that matter. Has anyone had any luck or seen any signs of improvement as far as acne goes? And.. how would you suggest I use these if I try them? Thanks in advance.. everyone here is SO very helpful and I am grateful!!!
  12. I've had my eyelashes dyed in the past and loved it too. However, mine lasted (if I can remember correctly) only about a month. But I imagine it's different for everyone.. like how often you remove eye make up and how quickly ones eyelashes grow out. Not sure if that would be the case, but I think it's worth considering. It was wonderful though and I would recommend it to anyone. My cost was $25.
  13. I've recently started using Benzaclin 5% and Retin-A 0.025% a few days ago. One thing I find strange is after I apply the Benzaclin (in the a.m. only) I apply my non-oily moisturizer, but my forehead is a grease pit shortly after.. I blot it constantly. With the Benzaclin being so drying, why would I be sooo oily afterword? I thought it would balance out. I'm so new to this.. so I'm sorry if this has been posted and answered before.
  14. Thanks again for responding. I'm going to check out the link now!