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  1. i was lucky to be in the early stages when i met my current girlfriend of 4 years, we were 14, after the first few months, we were finally alone in a room, and it was time to face the music, i said before hand i had such a problem, and that im mentally struggling with it, i was so god damn nervous but i took the plunge and revealed all, like most guys here (seems to be a theme around male acne sufferers) i was very athletic and a regular gym goer, even at that age. which i think softened the bl
  2. yeh head and shoulders, been using it for 4 days, and its already better, surprised you havent caught the threads on this subject edd
  3. yeh really mild, h&s should clear that up, its working on mine which is slightly worse. if the rest of you is fine, i wouldnt put it down to hormones really. it really isnt that severe, so i dont think you should totally give up milk, which in every other way is good for you.
  4. yup i have this problem, every other part if my body is flawless, since i moved past puberty but my bacne has remained everything else cleared up over time, which is why i just put it down to teenage hormones im on the h&s now, and after 2 days, is alot better! when i first had the issue i spent ages with the dermatologists, and it did no good. after 5 years of waiting for it to disappear like the rest of my acne, im fed up! and i found this site
  5. well im poping into town tomorrow to grab some of this magical head and shoulders everyone is banging on about, will let u know how it goes.
  6. i have this exact same problem, i dont know if your still using these forums, but if u find something that works send me a pm or email, and i will do the same fro you, goodluck
  7. hey hey, new to this forum! started doing a little searching as im determind that my body acne isnt going to ruin another summer for me. its also had put a small strain on my long term relationship, but now im going to get it sorted, im 19 now and in university, but have had acne of the face and the body ever since i started breaking out at puberty, my face and chest have pretty much cleared up now as you can probably see in my avatar but my back problem still persists, its not as severe as ot