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  1. Hello Everyone. Thank you for this site, it has been such a help to know that others are going through what I am. Anyhow... I'm on my LAST MONTH OF ACCUTANE!!! My blackheads are coming out... I'm so so happy. I look good and for the first time in my life do not feel like a freak. I am stopping this site.... I will no longer be posting and good luck to EVERYONE!!!! I START MEDICAL SCHOOL TOMORROW WITH GOOD LOOKING SKIN! (hence stopping the posting) I have so much confidence
  2. I just want these redmarks and blackheads to go away.... them my skin would be perfect... but no actives for now. I had a big one on the side of my mouth but it's gone now...
  3. Oh yay Pippi! Glad to hear that everything is looking up. I jinxed myself by posting... I got a big zit by my mouth. Haha only one though... I remember when one zit wouldn't have been such a biggie. I have a lot of red marks and still some blackheads... sigh... I HATE THE REDMARKS!
  4. Well I haven't updated in a while because I've been so busy getting ready for med school! I have such great news and bad news. Great news is I HAVE NO ZITS! HEAR THAT?? NONE! I do have some red marks. This is the first time in 12 years I have NOT HAD A ZIT! Bad news... it's so hot here. 95 degrees. I went walking the other day and I hadn't been drinking enough... I passed out and lost my cookies... I was suffering from dehydration so bad, lucky I was in the hospital parking lot... haha
  5. UPDATE I just got my blood drawn for the end of month 2!!! I have my derm appointment tomorrow. Wow, 60 days done with Accutane. I thought I would never get this far, but here I am. My face is dry, but it's so humid here that when I go outside it's ok. I have 3 active pimples, still many blackheads, and a lot of readmarks. No cysts though. It's so amazing!!!! For the first time, I didn't really think about my acne today, and didn't bother even putting on powder!
  6. Whoops. I drank last night. My face was sort of blotchy today... I freaked out a little bit. I think it's from the drinking. Oh well live a little, right? I have been so good.
  7. DAY around 45 I think?? Wow. Time really does fly. I'm nearly done with my second month and I've had improvement for sure. I can't wait until another 2 months.... hopefully my face will be flawless. However... right now my face is SO DRY it's crazy. I am a lucky one: no joint pain, but nose bleeds galore.
  8. Pippi, I'm sorry to hear about the bumps. I have sort of patchy marks on my skin and elbows. Really dry. I used hydro cortisone and then a layer of lotion. That seemed to help quite a bit. My skin is sort of falling out all over the place too, like sandpaper. Also, Simo had such good advice from above. I took the subway this weekend (while I was out of town). This idiot shoved me to the side when he was exiting and tore my arm. I don't think it's going to scar, but it ripped, not cut,
  9. So, I presented at a conference this weekend, and I broke out a little. Not as much as I would normally, but I was so nervous. There were about 100 people who came to my lecture, but I felt good about myself because they actually wanted to hear me speak, and didn't care about what I looked like. Also, I'm happy so say that I'm looking much better in some areas on my face! I met a guy at the conference as well that was on Accutane, and his acne was worse than mine but he just started. Actual
  10. Hey everyone! I have good news. So this week I had to go get my blood drawn because my triglycerides were 397 last time. They were 161 at the start. Well, my derm said if I didn't get them down she would have to lower the dose. This was 2 weeks after I got my last draw. Well, when I heard that I sort of freaked out, because I NEED THIS MED! SO.... I exercised almost every day... biking, and Richard Simmons (I'm not kidding, hah) I cut out Rice and Potatoes and starchy stuff I ate high f
  11. Hey there Pippi!! Hope everything is OK. I have a rough patch on my arms.... I saw above that you were getting dry arms. Also I hope the dosage is treating you well. -PC
  12. Well, I went in to get my blood drawn AGAIN because my triglycerides might be too high. I have been running all week and did not eat for 20 hours beforehand. Ridiculous, yes, yet I need to stay on this med. FACE: Disappointing. I think I have more acne/ blackheads and red marks. Man, I haven't seen a whole ton of improvement. And it's almost been 2 months. I'm hoping for the best. Well, there is SOME improvement. I used to have cysts on my jawbone and now I don't.
  13. Hey thanks for visiting my log Bateman. Yeah, I just get worried because nothing major is happening, maybe it's just the fear that I will have acne forever... and I am also so astounded by the results people have been getting... I mean... just look at the pictures! Glad someone else feels the same way I do. I see people are saying at "least you don't have it on your face" etc (I have facial acne, it sucks), however I don't think they are justified in saying that... you have just as hard as t
  14. AARGH!!! Well, my acne has been doing OK, but I am still getting breakouts (on cheeks) and this is pretty sad because I've never had them on my cheeks. I'm a little impatient, but I know this takes time. I still have a lot of blackheads. I'm worried that when this is all done, I will be the one person that accutane didn't work on. However, many people say wait until month three. I have no choice but to wait.... sigh... OK, enough of my rant... I'm going running... gotta keep the tri-