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  1. good luck too you too. We are on a road to CLEAR skin!!!! YAY "knocking on wood"
  2. Day 1 Nothing change yet feel normal. I think I should update weekly. Good luck w/everyone on tane.
  3. Hey guys, First off I want to say good luck too everyone that is on tane. I will try to keep this simple on short. A little about myself, I'm located in SoCal, 22 year old. I start breaking out on my forehead and have blackhead on my nose when I was 15. It wasn't that bad until I turn 17. I start breaking out on my cheeks and below my lip. I try n/e thing that are similar to proactive, antibiotic, blue light, and chemical peel nothing work. Until ran into this forum and red about Accutane. Did
  4. yea buddy i don't think its a good idea to drink while you are on tane. your on a road to clear skin keep it up. I'll be on tane tomorrow April 16. Good luck for the both of us.
  5. a road to clear skin. good luck to you.
  6. yea they don't care about you nor your acne they only care about your money. I learn the hard way now i regret going there.
  7. on the road of getting clear skin..good luck to you. I'm starting next week on Monday. clear skin here we come.
  8. hey mischatte, I'm going on tane next month april. I'm scare myself to go on it. But hopefully it will clear my skin "knocking on wood" dont wanna jinx. alrite Good luck to you.
  9. I'm starting Next week April. I'm kinda scare to start it but yea good luck for all of us.
  10. good luck sunshine28. I going on Accutane next week. wanna get my acne over with.
  11. good luck man. Im going on Accutane next week April. I'm scare myself to go on it. I will also post a blog on my Accutane. good luck bro
  12. Im new to this forum But i went there also. They don't care about you just your money. They made my face break out even more. Once you use all your laser treatment. They going to treat you like crap. I HATE that place. DontgotoLDI sued those ripoff.