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  1. Hi there - I've been on quite the journey for the past 4 months that I'd like to share with you. DAY 1 - It all started with a bump on my cheek the size of a nickel. DAY 2 - 15: Throughout the next 15 days it continued to get larger. Probably didn't help that I was jabbing needles into it trying to find the head. I assumed the whole thing was inflated with pus. Very little came out. The biggest mistake was using a derma-roller (sooo dumb. not sure what result I was expecting). By day 15 it
  2. Apples and ACV cause me to break out in inflamed cystic acne - usually around my jawline. As soon as I stop, the acne goes away. I've also been trying to find more literature on this but to no avail.
  3. I guess I'm bitter. A few months ago i had semi-flawless skin and was offered a bunch of television host positions, but have no confidence to follow through with them anymore. But then there's always radio... ughghgh True, but there ARE talented actors out there with flawless skin who i wanna punch in the nuts. I'm exaggerating with the 'hate' thing, but u can see where the bitterness comes in. Look up "cameron diaz acne". it will make you feel better (in a sadistic way) ^^
  4. I'm a producer for a large multi-media company in Canada. I've interviewed some huge celebs, from the twilight dudes to Matt Damon. Usually I work with b-list actors and celebs who are extremely talented and have flawless skin. Standing next to them makes me feel untalented and ugly. Googling "Celebrities with acne" always makes me feel better. It's nice knowing that brad pitt has bad skin, but still managed to become one of the sexiest men alive. Anyways, i guess when it comes down to it, it'
  5. Coworker: "Dude, you have something above your lip" Me: "I know... my skin looks like sht these days" Coworker: "No, I mean you have some jelly stuck on your lip" ughghghg -_-
  6. It all depends on how you're dealing with your condition. If you're super confidant regardless of your skin condition, talking about it wouldn't be too bothersome. If you're trying to repress and ignore the fact that you have acne (which usually makes me feel much better) then talking about it would obviously be a nightmare. It's kinda like a fat chick who's all "there's just more of me to love. gimmi some sugar" verses the one who never steps on a scale. We should all learn from the confid
  7. wow, exact same situation. 14-23. i go through monthly cycles where i'm fairly clear, then acne all over - with scars to boot. and yeah, i think i woulda been goodlookin too - but dudes don't shun yourselves from the world. express yourselves in anyways you can - cuz if you're stuck with acne, you might as well make the best of it. I'm doing pretty well for myself in terms of career and friends - and although i'm a little too insecure to jump into a romantic relationship at the moment - i will.
  8. I remember reading a huge number of posts about post-accutane horror stories. But keep in mind that for those who find success, acne.org becomes a useless reminder of those crappy acne-ridden days. So just for the record, I've found success! It's been a month and a half since my last pill, and everything's looking good! I still have a few clogged pores and blackheads here and there, but nothing too significant. Since I've finished the regimen, I've experienced some additional clogged pores/whit
  9. I've almost gotten used to all the side effects... chapped lips, rashes on my forearms, cuts everywhere, the tiredness... I get moody sometimes, feels like I'm on my rag every other day... which is strange considering I don't have ovaries =P This is day 175 and my skin is great. Haven't had an inflamed pimple in months. One thing I'm worried about is all the scars. From certain angles, it looks like the surface in the moon (cringe). I'm completely grateful for the clear skin, but this scar
  10. Hey Pippy, I feel you girl... I'm on month 4 too, and I'm totally grateful that my acne is gone, but the scarring is really bothering me. seems like no matter how amazing the results, we always find something else to obsess about huh? But HEY we're acne free. gluck with the rest of your treatment. SMILE =)
  11. it's like... day 90ish i think. I've been doing really well with the acne thing. couple little pimples/white heads here and there. GASTRITIS!! It's the inflammation of my stomach wall. Doc says i got it from binge drinking over the weekend. I'm not sure if it's also cuz of the accutane. We'll just have to wait n see. my stomach feels like crap though. Skin Colour: Been kinda weird lately. Maybe it's cuz i'm so dark from the sun, but my previous red scars are getting darker. my whole skin tone
  12. i'm actually taking kre-alkalyn, a ph balanced version of creatine. Apparently it doesn't break down into toxins, as does regular creatine. there's no loading phase, and i only drop the capsules before i hit the gym. I'm guessing that would take a a load off my liver, wouldn't it? I don't even get dehydrated. Anyways, day 55ish, not much change. looks like a lot of my acne is coming out as white heads, some which are becoming inflamed. one side of my face is completely clear! hope it stays t
  13. Day 50 nah, i don't think i'm gonna be posting up any pictures yet, sorry dude =P it's day 50, and things seem about the same. i seem to always have at least one big pimple somewhere on my face, and once that one is gone, another one appears right after. kinda annoying. I didn't have IB, nor do i have problems with my facial skin getting dry. I guess that cuz my face usually get uber oily during this time of the year. the back of my hands and my upper arms are REALLY dry, and i keep getting c
  14. Day 38 I got this one big bump on my temple... it doesn't hurt but it's big n hard. Is there something i should do to treat it? Otherwise, everything's great. Came close to getting a nose bleed yesterday and my lips are uber dry. My face however is still a bit oily.