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  1. yeah i found it wierd too and when i mentioned a cortisone shot he was like nonono i was lik ehuh? haha
  2. well heres an update, my local doctor said i shoudlnt do a cortisone shot and saids only thing he knwos is accuatane but i aint goin to go on that. he did recommend me to a derm which is not gonna see me for anotehr 2 months whic is stupid. but uhm lets see i will upload these pics to let you see the scar. here they are
  3. on the right side of my nose there is a bump. you cant see it in pictures its hard but if you saw me in person you would be able to see it
  4. lol can you not see the scars? its bumpy and when its bright outside and a certain lighting in a room it sticks out like a zit. its bad.
  5. bump.i woudl liek to know too if these work.
  6. Does injections work very well for hypertrophic scarS? or is gel silicone sheets better?
  7. It looks like you have a hypertrophic (raised) scar. You might want to check into getting the scar injected with steroids by a dermatologist. It will flatten the scar. You also might consider silicone pads or creams. Check with your local Pharmacist.
  8. how long will the steroids take to flatten it and how long would it take if i used to silcone sheets?
  9. You are tons of help! How much does it cost to pull this out?
  10. will my local doctor help me find the right prescription or should ihit up a dermatologist. are these easy to fix? considering mine isnt a huge elevation just a little bit?
  11. What kind of scar is this in my picture I use to have 2 cysts side by side and someone on top of the other it was horrible it was popped and now 3 motnhs later it is still scarred iwth a bit of elevation what is this called and what can i do to get rid of it because it is ruining my social life and confidence.