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  1. lifting weight doesn't affect my face. if you are trying to improve your appearace, the jogging is certainly good. I'd recommend lifting for longer than 20 minutes.. Since you work out only twice a week (weights) id recommend one day you do upper body, and the next do lower body. I'd really recommend adding a 3rd day. If you add the third day, you can break ur upper body into two days. I'd go chest/triceps/abs then biceps/back
  2. just looked at it, its the apples one, and u have to do an ENEMA multiple times!
  3. I'd give 5-HTP a shot. It reduces anxiety by increasing levels of serotonin.
  4. for mild acne that u only get around that time of month i dont think i'd recommend it
  5. appreciate the responses, im generally a very healthy person to begin with... i never eat fast food. i dont eat fried foods... stuff like that... it appears that there is alot more to do with it than jsut that. looks like i have much to learn.
  6. if you come and bring something to the table, i really doubt they would base their decision on the pimple on your neck. If they did, that would be a very bad business move. just go in with confidence, it'll work out....
  7. wash your bed stuff... especially your pillow cases.
  8. my dermatologist recommended that i don't use the two at the same time.
  9. I honestly think diet plays a big roll. Nothing has worked for me so far and I am beginning a natural acne program.