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  1. Not sure if anyone's read my post about my home made light so here's some links if you need to get caught up. Pictures of my home made lamp Link to 'Why not Build Your Own' post So I've been using my lamp since 4/20/07 and it's really too early to draw any conclusions but I have noticed some encouraging signs that the lights are doing their job. 1) I've read in some other member's posts that a reduction in skin oil was experienced and I'm REALLY happy to report the same. I have pretty oily
  2. Provided there's a good heatsink solution one would seem to suffice (for me anyway I have mainly T-zone acne).
  3. LOL..... I dunno. Ask Wolfy :dance: Truth is Wolfy knows what he's talking about and he always seems to have a good answer.
  4. I hope you don't mind me chiming in but if you're talking about the blue enlux bulb then you probably should think about returning it if possible. The peak wavelength on those is 468nm which is way out of the usable 400-420nm range used to destroy p.acnes bacteria. Well, many of the lamps (particularly the fluorescents, but also some of the LED based ones) produce a bit of genuine UV at the UV-A end of the spectrum. UV-A is the lower energy form of UV and is slightly less of a concern tha