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  1. FO caplets = BAD, eating fish = GOOD

    Oily, hormonal-acne skin. So years ago I was taking fish oil *caplets* for my health and I think (though not sure) that the caplets were causing some cysts because they stopped forming once I stopped taking the caplets. And a family member said the caplets made their skin very oily. If you read about fish oil caplets, some would say that the oil is of inferior quality or is even rancid and thus could be causing acne... HOWEVER! I started eating fish everyday (herring, sardines, occasionally salm
  2. 20,000 IUs worked for me

    I have oily, hormonal acne skin. Before vitex, taking 10,000 IUs of vitamin A did not seem to make a difference. About six weeks after vitex started clearing my skin, I wanted to clear out some stubborn old zits so (after careful research) I doubled my vitamin A to 20,000 IUs and it made a huge difference. Aside from some initially very dry lips, I have had no negative side effects and my skin tone improved dramatically. The old stubborn pre-Vitex cysts are clearing out and my old blemishes are
  3. Saw no difference

    Oily, hormonal acne skin. I have taken it off and on for about eight months now and daily for two, and I am not sure if it helps my skin. It did not make a difference before I took vitex, but I'll take anything that helps regulate hormones.
  4. Breakouts

    I used the non-SPF version of this. Oily, hormonal acne skin. My acne was improving when I got this to cover up the blemishes while they healed, and instead it ended up causing more breakouts and making my zits very inflamed. I was using it for a few months until I figured out the connection and my face improved immediately after I stopped using it. It covered really well but my skin looked horrible :(
  5. Shortens cyst's lifespan

    Oily cystic acne-prone skin. This stuff works great for shortening the lifespan of a cyst. It helps draw the pus to the surface, allowing me to pop it cleanly, or if I apply it early enough the cyst disappears. The deeper the cyst, the harder it is for the salve to draw it up. It does NOT prevent new cysts, but it does not cause them either. It's a viscous brown goop that can be applied with a q-tip directly on the skin. I apply it at night. Over time it will absorb into the skin. It also helps
  6. TTO doesn't agree with my skin

    I have mixed feelings about TTO. I am use 100% tea tree oil, undiluted. For me it seems to work best on either cysts very early on in their life cycle, or after they have popped. It seems that it might clear out the problem cyst but more little cysts pop up wherever I put it. I don't think it agrees with my skin or I may be allergic to it, which is a shame because I like natural treatments!
  7. It solved my hormonal acne and bad PMS!

    I will sing vitex's praises forever! I HAD severe hormonal cystic acne on my cheeks - cutting dairy helped but not 100%. I also have severe PMS or PMDD, so I was desperate for help. At the end of August 2016, I tried my first vitex pill and within 12 hours my face started clearing! It was like the undo-button for my face. Praise God. I take 2-3 400mg pills a day. My face has only improved and my PMS is slowly getting better. A few weeks ago I upped my vitamin A which is clearing out any old stub
  8. frostedfields

    Relieves redness

    Relieves redness

    I have lots of old red acne blemishes and on the days when I can't drink green tea they are noticeably redder. On the days when I do, my face is not as red and oily. I steep loose-leaf organic green tea throughout the course of the day. Let's be clear though that it doesn't help to actually get rid of acne, it just helps the appearance of my skin. I love it though, it has so many health benefits!
  9. It rescued my skin!

    I'm moderately lactose intolerant but I was eating the "healthy" dairy products: Greek yogurt, butter, cheeses, etc. I was also getting about 3 or 4 new cysts on my cheeks a day and my back and chest were a disaster. In January 2016 I cut out all dairy products. My back and chest acne cleared within *days* - like three days at the most - and I haven't had any cystic acne there since. My cheeks improved a TON but not to 100%. I avoid all "significant" forms of dairy. If I eat a dairy product, I g