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  1. I wonder....does it itch around (or on), spots of inflammation??? I usually tend to itch more in those spots, and have read it is a reaction from our bodies inflammatory response
  2. Wow, I have to wonder if there is something to the blood type thing. I am A- (I don't know if the negative makes a difference), and have never liked meats. About a year ago, I pretty much cut out all meats (excluding fish). I just dont like meat. I have had a hard time balancing my diet though. I have gotten a little better, but still fall into over doing the carbs sometimes. Healthy food is more expensive and takes more time to prepare. Over all, if you took the time and really put your mind to
  3. Good breath, better digestion, and anti-inflammatory.....how could I go wrong??? I am going to splurge the 4.99 and pick me some up today
  4. Well I went to buy some more vitamins today, and I ran across some chewable papaya tablets. I thought that they looked kinda interesting, so I did a little internet research. From what I read they seem to help with digestion. The article I read said it also helps with the body's inflammatory response. Now, the bottle says to chew after every meal. The website says to let the tablet dissolve in your mouth by holding between your cheek and gums. I am just curious enough to try it and will try to u
  5. So I started taking a fish oil supplement and a few days into it, my skin looked awesome. Then I began to notice some swelling. My hands, face, and even my feet began to swell. I also noticed I was having a hard time breathing. I called the pharmacy and they said it sounds like an allergic reaction to the pills. So I bought some primrose oil supplements and started taking those. Is there any other supplement that has the same affect as the fish oil? I really think it was helping.
  6. Yeah I have tried a lot of products, but this by far is the best. It is by no means a cure for acne, but it does help keep my skin under control. I use this mask about twice a week. However, if your skin is not oily...once a week is fine.
  7. Okay, I wrote about this clay in another post but I don't think I gave it the props it deserves. It is called Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. I bought mine off the net, but I hear they might sell it at some health food stores. I originally found out about it on make-up alley. I love this stuff!!! I had a huge hormonal white head pop up on my cheek a few days ago. So I made my mask, and I swear it was flat by morning. It (this is gross) was crusted and close to poping. My magical mask made it g
  8. Here is a question....what is the difference between large pores and damaged pores???? My pores look pretty big and some look like actual holes. I have tried every thing to shrink those little/big suckers. I have noticed that extracting them seems to help a little.
  9. So I found this website that gives tips on applying foundation over scars. I had no idea that it was a good idea to blot b4 adding powder...duh. I also tried this other tip today, and it worked really well...after you apply your foundation and powder, you can set everything with toner. I know toner that's what I said. It does however help ease that dead matte look. I just put some (alcohol free) toner on a cotton ball and blot my face lightly. It really works
  10. I have ice pick scars too..and i notice that when i use make up at times..it cakes a bit on that area..., does it happen to you with all make ups?
  11. I know that there isn't much that anyone can say that will change the way you are feeling. I also realize that nothing I say will give u clear skin. I am 27 and am still working on clearing my acne. I have a 9yr old son, and he has already developed a cyst on his ear. He is not even a teen yet and I already see black heads on his nose. I hate that he has taken the worst part of me (my cystic acne), and I am prepared to do whatever it takes to prevent him from going through what I went through. H