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  1. given up now anyway cant b bothered
  2. Hello i need help, my face is mega red and mega flakey i look stupid. im using clean and clear cleanser bp 5% and Simple moisterizer it looks like iv been sunbathin wit goggles on anything that can take the red away? thanx in advance
  3. yeah i no what some of them are, like alpha hydroxy acid not too sure bout the bha one though? also these are the ingrediants that are in a product yeah? or are these seperate? thanx
  4. cheers lol just felt silly because everybody seems to know what they are talking about thanks
  5. but can you tell me what some of the abbreviations you use are, as im farely knew I.E AHA BHA etc thanks and sorry for being a dinlo lol
  6. Hello i've started the regime but i use 5% bp, at first i went really red but now it doesnt cause irritation or anything ( touch wood ) so i was wondering wether using 5% is good? or worse or the same. thanks in advance
  7. hello ive been doing the regim for a few days and my face is really red, looks like ive been sunbathin wit glasses on, i use bp 5% at the mo but wil change tp 2.5 monday and i use simple moisterizer also i have been using sudocreme at nights, any suggestions thanks in advance
  8. Hello i was just wondering as the regime is to do it in the morning and night, but i play football sum days so what would any1 recommend i do, as i usually dso it when i get up then have a match at 12 then when i get home from that i have a shower (obviously) would this be ok or is it rubbing the mornins work off, should i just apply moisterizer after it? i know its very poorly worded its late! thanks
  9. Hello I use this after applying bp just wondering if anybody else has also how good it is if at all thanks any suggestions welcome http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....ationid=1017968
  10. I've just checked and its a 5% will this still be alright to use? for now anyway until i get the proper ones of this website? also iv just started using sudocrem as one of the other posts suggests so ill let you know how i get on with that. cheers
  11. hello yeah i will get his recommended products but until they arrive i just thought i could kind of start of with the process, i think the soap isnt a very light one so do you think i should just use water for now and bp and i have moisterizer which is a light one? thanks alot
  12. hello i have BP which i have got from the doctor is this as gd to use as the one which is recommended on the site? also i dont have a cleanser so should i just use water or soap aswell? thnx