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  1. Hey, how's things going? Haven't seen you around for a while. :)

  2. yo yo. How's it going? This new layout has thrown me..

  3. hey hey! have you been to your local gp at all. its probably your best bet really, the over the counter medications you can buy from the shops really arent strong enough so you will most likely just waste money. definately take a trip to the doctors, cant to any harm at all! good luck
  4. personally, i think your natural hair looks a lot better. it looks natural and less harsh, also i much prefer fuller eyebrows, thin brows just dont do anything for faces. but hey its your hair.
  5. im sure there is a way to have braces put on. i had braces for 2 years and really didnt mind them at all. but i think your teeth are absolutely fine the way they are but if it bothers you then go for it
  6. hiya, yeah its going alright thanks,

    hows it going for you?

    what happened at your derm appointment, i know it was ages ago but cant remember what you got? i think im gonna try to get another refferral

    ill send ya a pm as this is gettign a bit long


  7. eh up, hows it going?

  8. i wont put the brands o what i use because that varies depending on how my skin is... my fave 5 things i cant live without are: mascara foundation concealer bronzer and hair straightners
  9. wheres the compassion, this guy clearly is not happy with his skin and so is asking for a bit of support. i think it is unfair to judge by the severity of someones acne, even the mildest amount could be debilitating to someone. to the op i am not sure what to sugget as i have been sufferring from a really red face from accutane and have had it for 7 months ish i think the best thing i can suggest is to be gentle with your skin only use very mild products or speak to you doctor. hope things start
  10. thank you for your reply however i really feel it is more complex than this. i have not been feeling myself for a long time now and espeecially since starting accutane 7 months ago i noticed things getting worse (whether that be coincidence or not i am not sure) i would be reluctant to take medication if it were depression though because i have a reluctance to take tablets (bar accuatne which was out of desperation) but i do feel like i need some sort of help as the way i have been feeling is no
  11. i seriously think i am suffering from depression and am thinking a trip to the doctors may be a wise idea. i am a bit scared to go because i have no idea what to say to my doctor but lately i feel so exhausted,run down and have no motivation for anything. i am having a particular stressful time with college and have had no motivation with doing any of my work. now i feel stuck in a rut because i have not done anywhere near enough work and feel so stressed out that i cannot focus and so i feel li
  12. yeah i completely obsess over my weight, seems i jump from one fixation to another, acne and weight. i have always been naturally slim but this past year i have been so fixated with losing lots of weight somewhat as a distraction. its not healthy but sometimes i feel thats just life for me
  13. when did the redness go away, my oil has come back and blackheads but my face is still ridiculously red any advice is great